Team-building escape rooms are officially a (great) thing now

Apr 10 2018, 4:46 pm

Nobody likes sitting in a stuffy office, watching endless powerpoint presentations on what makes a great team.

Thankfully, there’s a new way to approach team building in Vancouver, and it could easily change your team dynamics for the better. In fact, you’ll have such a good time that you wouldn’t say no to doing it outside of your typical work hours.

The excitement of solving puzzles and racing against the clock to stop an IT virus from attacking your office is the core them of a brand new escape room activity and now you can enjoy the thrill as part of a team – anywhere!

Engagement Unlimited, BC’s premier meetings and events supplier, can create an escape room-themed event for your team to enjoy and bring it right to your office, special event, conference, or anywhere you want!

The award-winning company was founded by a group of professional creators including event professionals, facilitators, actors, and performers, who deliver highly-customized, transformative experiences that serve as team building events.

Whether you’ve got a team of 10 people in a boardroom, or 7,000 people attending a multi-day conference, they help you create the most fun experience your guests have ever had at a work event.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on hosting an event in Whistler, Vancouver, or Kamloops, Engagement Unlimited travels throughout BC and Alberta to help you execute amazing experiences for your guests.

Don’t make your team fall asleep at your next meeting, instead, change your approach. Make work events entertaining and valuable, contact Engagement Unlimited for a quote today by calling 604-649-4867 or emailing [email protected].

Visit Engagement Unlimited online to find out more information. Check out the game-changing events company on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to get the latest updates.

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