A giant Full Wolf Moon will light up Canadian skies on January 10

Jan 3 2020, 6:03 pm

Friday nights are for going out on the town… or staring up at the moon.

On Friday, January 10, almost exactly one year after the sighting of a Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, Canadians will be treated to the decade’s first full moon.

According toĀ EarthSky, the night will see a Full Wolf Moon Eclipse, but Canadians will only be able to enjoy the Full and Moon parts of that title.

Because the full moon occurs at the same moment all around the world, North America will be enjoying lunch when it occurs.

The moon will become full, marking the lunar eclipse, at the following times based on where in Canada you live:

  • 11:11 am PST
  • 12:11 pm MST
  • 2:21 pm EST

During daylight hours, the moon is still beneath our horizon, which is why weā€™ll miss this lunar event.


Although you won’t be able to catch the moment when the moon finds fullness and the eclipse happens, you’ll still be able to enjoy the bright sight of the giant moon in the sky once the sun goes down.

The next total lunar eclipse that’s positioned over North America won’t be until May.

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