Friday Facts: BC and The Olympics

Dec 19 2017, 11:39 am

Did you know that 40% of Canadian Olympic athletes and medical teams are housed in British Columbia. In addition, approximately 20% of all Olympic athletes hail from this great province of ours. The Urban Dweller thinks that our mild climate and active lifestyle are the biggest reasons for this occurrence. We all know that if the feds had their way they would house everybody in freaking Ontario, but lucky for us they can’t control the weather and geography.

Now, I write this as Canada has yet to win a medal in Beijing, chalk that up to a lack of funding from a federal level. Just imagine what Canadian athletes could accomplish if the government actually gave a shit. I’m not talking about just funding athletes here, but sports at all levels and age ranges. Sports mean more to society than some second-tier comic rhetoric spewing bloggers might lead you to believe. It brings people together and gives them a sense of pride when they see their country do well on the world stage.
Just a thought, why isn’t Steve Nash dawning the red and white? I guess he is too busy doing buddy comedies with Baron Davis (see here).
DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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