Vancouver-based meal prep service launches industry-first Zero Waste Kit

Mar 25 2021, 7:54 pm

Meal kits have found a place in the market — and in our fridges — because of their convenience, but also because they provide much-needed creative inspiration to boring cooking routines.

Now, with Vancouver-based Fresh Prep, you can add sustainability and supporting local to the benefits of subscribing to a meal kit delivery service. Taking the guesswork and stress out of cooking, the local company offers a sustainable solution to food challenges by delivering fresh, quality ingredients; to help you make restaurant-quality meals at home.

Over 75% of ingredients and add-on items from Fresh Prep are supplied by local companies, and the kits are also prepared and packaged locally. Each week, members can receive tasty meal kits, and include extras like sourdough loaves from Nelson the Seagull or savoury pies from the Aussie Pie Guy.

Earlier this month, the meal kit delivery service brought a first-of-its-kind sustainable product to market in Canada with the launch of its reusable Zero Waste Kit.

Zero Waste Kit/Fresh Prep

The Zero Waste Kit significantly reduces waste from single-use plastic even further. Designed for convenience and made for sustainability, it’s a reusable meal kit container that allows for an easier and more organized cooking experience.

Fresh Prep spent three years researching, developing, engineering, and investing ahead of launching the kit — to ultimately reduce barriers to sustainability in the meal kit sector. The team chose a BPA-free, reusable plastic.

“Single-use plastic is a well-known and pervasive problem in the food industry. As interest in meal kits continues to surge, we wanted to be leaders in innovating to minimize packaging waste. That is why we are excited to be offering this first-of-its-kind, Zero Waste Kit to Fresh Prep customers,” said Husein Rahemtulla, Co-Founder and COO at Fresh Prep.

Zero Waste Kit/Fresh Prep

One of the many benefits of using the kit is that you receive pre-portioned ingredients in each compartment, resulting in no excess food waste. You’ll spend less time cutting open plastic as the kits are structured for grab-and-go cooking. And since the ingredient cups double up as measuring cups and mixing bowls, there’s instantly less of a mess for you to clean up afterwards.

If, like us, you’re not a fan of doing heaps of dishes after you make dinner, this feature could change how you approach cooking in general.

Zero Waste Kit/Fresh Prep

Once you choose a subscription plan that suits your needs with Fresh Prep, you can anticipate a delivery with all ingredients pre-cut, pre-portioned, and packaged in reusable, insulated cooler bags. The meal plan appeals to all diets — 50% of the menu is vegetarian and 20% is vegan.

Plus, the list of locally curated goods available via Fresh Prep is always growing, meaning you can find everything from ready-to-eat meals, healthy snacks, salads, baked goods, and more on the website. You can easily change up your order, too, adding on new items if you like to switch it up and try new flavours.

When it comes to returning your Zero Waste Kit, place it in your reusable cooler bag upon your next delivery or schedule a free pickup. It’s that simple. Delivery is also available to 20 communities across the province, and growing, making it easy to stay on track with your healthy eating goals no matter where you live in BC.

Zero Waste Kit/Fresh Prep

It’s worth noting that Fresh Prep is a Certified B Corporation. The company goes through a stringent process to ensure it conducts business in the interests of the planet, people, and profit. As such, Fresh Prep is legally required to consider the impact of its decisions on its team, customers, community, suppliers, and the environment.

If you’re interested in supporting local and sustainable practices, visit to learn more about the Zero Waste Kit and sign up. To receive three free meals off your first order, use the Daily Hive discount code SCDH21 at the checkout.

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