We had a local food delivery service stock our fridge for the day

Jun 25 2021, 10:38 am

Over the last year, we’ve had to turn spaces around our homes into offices (I personally transformed a closet), we’ve had to become Zoom experts, and we’ve had the time to become chefs at home and try out new recipes in the kitchen. 

But here’s the thing — after more than 12 months of Googling, “Easy, cheap, dinner recipes for two,” we’re ready for something different. 

Cue Fresh Prep, a Vancouver food delivery service that provides ultra-convenient and sustainable solutions to our everyday food challenges. 

After selecting the vegetarian recipe (50% of meal choices are vegetarian or vegan) I was going to have for dinner, I worried for a second about what else I was to eat. And then I saw a beautiful tab on the Freshprep.ca menu page: Add-ons. Fresh Prep’s Add-on section offers over 90 additional gourmet items from breakfast foods to bites and treats to staples. Safe to say, my worries were quickly gone. 

I selected some yummy eats, chose main meals, and even added in a dessert to reward my future self for a hard day’s work. 

The day of my delivery, I received two texts — one with the food’s ETA and one once my food arrived. I opened my door to find the nicest packaging (I’m a sucker for good packaging). The food was in Fresh Prep’s Zero Waste Kit — inside a sleek, reusable shoulder cooler bag with the ingredients organized into different compartments. Delicious food — check. Environmentally-friendly — check. Happy human — check. 

Breakfast @ 8 am 

Early Bird by LOOP and Toaster-Ready Waffles by The Acorn (@jessica_alexis/Daily Hive)

I started my day off with a steaming cup of Joe made from JJ Bean’s Medium Roast Ground Coffee paired with some Barista Oat Milk by Earth’s Own. I can safely say this was one of the better cups of coffee I’ve ever made myself.

Knowing my brain can only survive on coffee for so long, I prepared some actual food. Crispy waffles by The Acorn covered in syrup and a fruity, cold-pressed smoothie from LOOP (drooling as I write this) sounded almost too good to be true on a Monday morning. 

Stuffed with a belly full of food and a brain nice and charged with coffee, I logged on to my computer for work. 

Lunch @ 12 pm 

Rainbow Falafel Bowl (Fresh Prep)

Usually, I just eat leftovers for lunch, but today, Fresh Prep helped shake things up. 

This scrumptious dish — from Fresh Prep’s Add-ons menu section — was ready in one minute, after a quick shake. 

Oh, that first bite — I was hit with bright, fresh flavours of carrot, beet, and mint that was complemented perfectly by the fluffy falafels and the slight kick of the spices. This filling salad was one for the books (a way better lunch than I’m used to on a workday). 

And given this meal was freshly prepped and ready to go, I had the rest of my break to sit in the sun and enjoy some fresh air. 

Snack @ 3 pm 

Veggie Snack Pack by Fresh Prep; Hummus and Pita Chips by Tayybeh (@jessica_alexis/Daily Hive)

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m nearing the end of my workday, the world starts to get a little hazy. I call it the good ol’ afternoon slump. This is usually when I rely heavily upon my second pot of coffee, but not today.

Equipped with a nutritious and delicious snack, I thought I may just be able to make it without that caffeine boost. 

I didn’t even have to cut up the yummy vegetables on my platter, I just opened the container, laid them out on my serving dish, and paired them with slightly salted Pita Chips and Hummus by Tayybeh. I organized everything on my wooden charcuterie board (I was feeling a little fancy), brought my platter outside, sat on my little picnic blanket, and dug in — yum.

Dinner @ 6 pm

Lemony Mushroom Risotto with Garlicky Mushrooms, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Arugula (@jessica_alexis/Daily Hive)

After a hard day’s work, I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is think about what to cook for dinner.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to while writing this glorious story.

This Lemony Mushroom Risotto only took 30 minutes and tasted like a dish made by a five-star restaurant — feeling like a pretty accomplished chef over here.

The creamy, garlicky risotto, the slight tang and crisp of the arugula, complemented perfectly by the sharp, savoury taste of the parmesan made for the perfect combination.

Dessert @ 8:30 am the next morning

Brownie by Polly Fox (@jessica_alexis/Daily Hive)

You’ll notice the time stamp on this one is back to the morning — Fresh Prep had so many yummy items to choose from, I couldn’t even get through all of them (I guess we could call this story, “What I ate in a day and a bit.”)

In my opinion, this delicious treat is better enjoyed over a cup of coffee — my goodness, what a way to start a day. The brownie brings melt-in-your-mouth to a whole other level — it was melting in my fingers as I tried to capture this picture in the sun.

If you’re looking for a convenient and delicious meal kit delivery service to save you time and energy, I highly recommend Fresh Prep. The fact that you can add additional items to fill your fridge with freshness is just an added bonus. You can also use this exclusive Daily Hive discount code SCDAILY21 for three free meals — you’re welcome.

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