Canadian wireless provider offering 10 GB of data for $60/month... again

Jan 10 2018, 2:42 pm

Last month, Canadians rushed to get their hands on 10 GB plans for $60 per month offered through several wireless providers.

But it all began with Freedom Mobile’s ‘Big Gig’ plan in October. And the wireless company is back with another plan to save you big bucks this new year.

The “Everywhere Canada 60” plan is offering 10 GB for $60 once again, and includes unlimited calling to Canada and the US.

The plan also includes unlimited global text, picture, and video messaging, voicemail, call control such as call forwarding and call waiting, and Freedom Wi-Fi Access.

Freedom Mobile

Last time Freedom Mobile offered this deal, other major Canadian wireless providers followed suit, especially considering all phones can be unlocked to different networks now at no cost.

With that, expect more of this sort of competition in the near future.

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