The "Freedom Convoy" had an emergency Twitter meeting and it went off the rails

Feb 15 2022, 3:03 pm

The “Freedom Convoy” hosted an emergency meeting space on Twitter Monday night, and it went about exactly as you’d expect.

From deranged views to the “Ram Ranch” resistance anthem, this Twitter space had a little something for everyone. The emergency meeting lasted three hours and attempted to tackle issues such as: “CAN SOMEONE SOLVE OUR TENT CRISIS?” and “how do we hold unrigged elections?”

They also pondered aloud how to unfreeze their bank assets and how to hire peacekeepers. The convoy members clearly thought the emergency meeting went well because they are hosting another tonight, this time with a special guest identified as PK, which could be organizer Pat King.

Like much of the online spaces that the “Freedom Convoy” members have tried to use, a group of counter-protesters infiltrated the group and brought it tumbling down. What started as a way to disrupt the group’s communication channels has morphed into a full-blown resistance.

Ram Ranch Resistance, as it is now known, has been ongoing since the convoy set up Zello channels to communicate. They use the song “Ram Ranch” by Canadian musician Grant MacDonald to disrupt communication channels. The song is a pornographic metal song about 18 naked cowboys.

The Twitter space organizer said that Ram Ranch was not allowed on their “sovereign Twitter space.”

They discussed how Ram Ranch was being used against them in the emergency Twitter space and how one crafty resister was behind the Windsor Zello channel. The creator of the Zello channel played the part of convoy member until the injunction went into effect when he then nuked the channel.

“It’s come to my attention that this group has been infiltrated,” user MedicCzar said. “They seemed to have one goal in mind.”

He added it was “a little too easy, to be honest,” before playing “Ram Ranch” over the channel.

“You guys are nitwits; you trust too easily,” he said.

Unfortunately, the convoy wouldn’t let him chime in during the emergency meeting.

Do you know what they say about looking for helpers in times of trouble? This time, the Ram Ranchers are the helpers.

The Ram Ranch Resistance is now hailed heroes and likely growing in numbers as the convoy has made it so easy to infiltrate their groups.

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