Free parking no longer available for Grouse Grind

Dec 19 2017, 6:38 pm

If you decided to hike the Grouse Grind on opening day, you may have been surprised to find out that there was a parking metre in the gravel parking lot. The gravel parking lot used to be free, but a pay parking metre is now in effect.

It will cost you $2 for three hours and $4 for the entire day. According to regional district officials, the money from parking fees will be used towards the upkeep of the mountain which will include paving, new lights and more security.

On the Grouse Mountain website they estimate that there are over 150,000 people who hike the trail annually.

The lot is expected to have an estimated 1,000 parking stalls, but the new parking metres could cause a decrease in hiker numbers and push people into parking at the nearby neighbourhood.

Hikers already pay $10 plus taxes for the gondola download fee, as hiking down the Grouse Grind is forbidden, and with these new parking metres a once relatively cheap activity has now become a pricey one.


Featured Image: Grouse Grind via Shutterstock

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