This new service brings tire sales and installation right to your doorstep

Oct 1 2021, 6:49 pm

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we shop by opening up the possibility of having just about anything delivered directly to our homes.

In 2020, Canadians spent a total of $84.4 billion online, according to a survey conducted by StatsCan. The findings also revealed that 82% reported shopping online, representing a 9% increase from 2018. One thing is clear: consumer needs and demands are changing.

Fountain Tire, a tire and automotive service network with 65 years of experience and 161 locations across the country, has responded to changing customer needs with the launch of an innovative new service that brings tire sales and installation right to your doorstep.

Now operating across the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey, among other cities, TireMobile provides the convenience of online shopping and at-home service with Fountain Tire’s quality products and professional installation.

TireMobile (Fountain Tire)

“There’s no question the automotive landscape is changing in line with overall consumer trends,” comments Nason Higinbotham, director of southern BC stores at Fountain Tire. “Our customers were looking for the same convenience they’ve been experiencing in other areas of their everyday lives. Fountain Tire TireMobile was launched in direct response to those needs.”   

The beauty of using Fountain Tire TireMobile is that you can book an appointment easily online or through participating Fountain Tire stores. And on-site installation means you can have a certified technician complete your seasonal tire changeover in your driveway, at work, or at another location that’s convenient for you.

Since there are no additional steps required, like sitting in a waiting room or dropping off your vehicle at a garage, using TireMobile saves you time. Once you make a booking, a Fountain Tire associate will confirm that all details (from the tire type to the location of service) are correct to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Fountain Tire TireMoblie offers a wide range of tires for cars, SUVs, CUVs, minivans, and trucks, so you know your vehicle — whether retail or commercial — is covered. Whether you’re looking to purchase new tires or change over to winter or all-weather tires as the seasons shift, Fountain Tire is there to help.

TireMobile (Fountain Tire)

Choosing the right tires is incredibly important for protecting both you and your vehicle when you’re behind the wheel. Everything from the tire type to tread depth and also the level of inflation of your tires can impact your driving.

In addition, winter tires are required by law when driving passenger vehicles on many highways in BC from October 1 to March 31. The Sea to Sky Highway and routes north and east of Hope are included, making winter tires a must for road trips throughout the coldest seasons of the year.

To check if your tires are indeed suitable for winter conditions, all you have to do is check the sidewall. If your tires are marked with a snowflake symbol inside a three-peaked mountain, they are winter or all-weather tires. Meanwhile, tires marked with ‘M+S’ (indicating mud and snow) are also accepted for winter driving in BC.

Pro tip: if you need somewhere to store your existing tires for the next season, Fountain Tire can arrange off-site storage at one of its facilities for you.

TireMobile (Fountain Tire)

Another great aspect of booking a tire installation or changeover with TireMobile? You’ll receive a detailed vehicle report.

The technician working with your vehicle will do an overall inspection; they will take photos and videos of the tires, brakes, and mechanical systems and send the report directly to your phone. You can keep track of the overall health of your vehicle and take action if any mechanical repairs are needed.

“At Fountain Tire, we say, ‘We’re on this road together,'” adds Higinbotham. “That means we take the time to educate our customers about their vehicles, remove barriers to staying safe and, of course, help customers identify the right tires for their driving needs.”

To help keep your vehicle in good shape for whatever weather fall and winter bring in the Lower Mainland, book an appointment with Fountain Tire’s TireMobile today. You can learn more at

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