Canada’s largest food rescue charity launches online platform in BC

Jun 12 2019, 4:40 am

Loblaw Companies Limited and Second Harvest are continuing to make moves in order to tackle food waste in Canada as an online service to do just that has arrived in BC.

Ontario-founded is a free online platform that launched in 2018. It connects food businesses directly with social services and non-profit organizations who feed people in need by leveraging Second Harvest’s 34 years of food rescue experience.

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Businesses can use this site to register and outline what food they have available and social service organizations will then get an email or a text alert about new donations for these businesses, enables businesses to reduce their environmental footprint and provide healthy, nutritious food to people in need by donating it, and now this platform is available in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.


“Expanding our service is something we have been working towards since our launch in Ontario in 2018, and we want to thank Loblaw for making this a reality,” said Second Harvest CEO Lori Nikkel. “All across Canada, there’s so much great food being thrown away and we wanted to bring our solution to BC where there is such a natural alignment of values to help both communities and the environment.

“We’re delighted to be able to help the people of BC work towards a more sustainable future. By changing the way we think about food and food waste, we can make a huge difference to the planet, starting in our own neighbourhoods.”

The expansion to BC was made possible by a donation of $415,000 from Loblaw to Second Harvest.

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