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Walking into the Float House in Gastown is a very healthy decision. Its’ clean white space, high ceiling, and big green plants create a calming effect that makes you forget you’ve just been in a concrete jungle.

Before heading to your designated room, they ask that you take off your shoes – similar to a spa. The caring and helpful staff thoroughly walk you through the process of floating, answer any questions you may have, and show you where the restrooms and vanity are (fully stocked with products to use post-float!), before leaving you in your room to float.

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Floating is experienced differently for everyone and it can take a few floats to get the hang of it to optimize the benefits. For me, it felt strange even getting into the laying position as my legs, already in the water, wanted to float. It was definitely relaxing in the silent darkness and it was odd losing the feeling of where my body ended; however, I had a hard time letting go to completely experience it. The friend I went with had a very different experience and was able to fully relax right away and even had some colorful visions during the float. I will certainly be going back as soon as possible for another attempt to “Experience Nothing”.

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The benefits of floating are countless! Without all the outside stimulation, the mind is open to explore and the body is able to heal itself. Eliminating chronic pain, boosting your mood, achieving a deep meditative state, and experiencing the most complete relaxation you’ve ever felt are just some of the perks of floating. For more on the benefits and facts of floating or to make an appointment, check out floathouse.ca.

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Currently there are 5 float rooms at the Gastown location, and they are taking over the space next door to add another 4 rooms as well as a post-float lounge. They really encourage people to relax and hang out with complimentary tea and water before heading back out into the hectic city. While you relax, pre or post-float, you can also check out the various health products they sell as well as the local art on the walls. The lucky people in Kits & Victoria will also be able to experience the Float House, as the company is growing and new locations are coming soon!

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Win an Intro-Pack — 3 x 90 minute floats. Valued at $150. To enter simply retweet the following:

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Contest Ends March 10, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. One winner will be chosen at random.

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