Get your sweat on: Fitness classes in and around Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 10:37 pm

With spring in the air and the promise of warmer days to come, there’s no better time than the present to kick your workout routine into high gear. Choosing to stay fit and active isn’t only beneficial for achieving short-term goals—it’s a lifestyle choice that will have you feeling stronger and more energized in the long run.

Though spring is the perfect time to start fresh, sticking to a consistent workout routine is often easier said than done. We get it—going to the gym can be a drag, especially if your routine has become monotonous and repetitive. However, fitness can be fun and with so many different classes and circuits available, there’s no reason for you to restrict yourself to more of the same. Here are some of the options available in and around Vancouver.

*All calorie counts are estimates. You may burn more or less depending on your body weight and the intensity of your class.

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Class: TRX Combo at True Conditioning


Image courtesy of Tim Jordan

Good for: Building core strength, increasing stability and balance, improving cardiovascular endurance and functional mobility.

Anticipated calorie burn: 360-530 calories (depending on body weight) for a one-hour class

What to expect: This class is a combination of TRX suspension training, and TRX rip training, both of which utilize your own body weight as resistance when performing a variety of core strengthening exercises. While TRX may look intimidating to beginners, it’s actually suitable for individuals of any fitness level, as the difficulty level of moves can be easily modified.

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Class: Zumba with the ZV Crew


Image courtesy of Edson Hong

Good for: Increasing flexibility and core strength, and improving cardiovascular endurance.

Anticipated calorie burn: 369 calories for a 40 minute class

What to expect: This Latin-dance inspired workout is great for anyone looking to get their sweat on by busting a move. Unlike jogging or interval training, Zumba incorporates a wide range of motions that utilize more muscle groups than traditional cardio exercises.

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Class: Indoor cycling at Spin Society


Image courtesy of Nottingham Tent University

Good for: Building leg, lower back, and abdominal muscles, and improving cardiovascular endurance.

Anticipated calorie burn: 400-600 calories for a 40 minute class

What to expect: Indoor cycling is a major calorie burner and a great alternative to traditional “leg day” exercises at the gym. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually quite effective for building abdominal and lower back muscles too—it’s not just about the legs.

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Class: Yoga at Bikram Yoga Vancouver


Image courtesy of Relaxing Music

Good for: Improving flexibility, strength, stability, injury recovery, flushing out toxins.

Anticipated calorie burn: 475 calories for a one-hour class

What to expect: Bikram yoga is very effective at improving an individual’s flexibility, strength, and stability—all of which contribute towards injury prevention. It’s also a great practice to take up for anyone who’s currently recovering from fitness-related injuries. While the heat may be intense for first-timers, just know that it’s flushing out toxins from your body!

Class: Kickboxing at InFighting


Image courtesy of Dom Dubuc

Good for: Improving flexibility and reflexes, building core strength, increasing cardiovascular endurance.

Anticipated calorie burn: 750 calories for a one-hour class

What to expect: If you’re looking to get lean, all the while building up strength and endurance, then kickboxing is a must-try activity. Heavily influenced by various martial arts, such as karate and Taekwondo, this calorie burner will help build up your self-defense repertoire amongst other fitness benefits.

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Class: CrossFit at CrossFit 604

Crossfit to Fight

Image Courtesy of Arctic Warrior

Good for: Increasing cardiovascular endurance, building core strength and all around muscle conditioning.

Anticipated calorie burn: 495 calories for a 30-minute circuit

What to expect: You’ve probably heard the buzz about CrossFit, so you might be slightly intimidated by it. However, most studios have classes geared towards a variety of fitness levels, so don’t worry about not being able to keep up on your first go. If burning calories is a priority, then look no further than CrossFit.

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Class: Dance class (hip hop/salsa/etc.) at Harbour Dance Centre


Image courtesy of maricargacuta

Good for: Increasing flexibility and core strength, and improving cardiovascular endurance.

Anticipated calorie burn: 370-600 calories (depending on body weight) for a one-hour hip hop class, 400-480 (depending on body weight) calories for a one-hour salsa class

What to expect: Other than the health benefits associated with dance, it also never hurts to know a move or two for all those party occasions! While each style will have its own movements and motions, dance is, in general, a great cardio workout.

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The perfect complement to any great workout is the gear. If you’re planning to make a serious commitment to staying active, then having a wearable device on hand to track your caloric burn, heart rate and fitness progression will help you stay on top of your routine. When it comes to wearable tech, TELUS makes it easy by providing a selection of the best fitness accessories on the market

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