A fireball lit up the sky over Alberta on Sunday morning (VIDEOS)

Sep 3 2019, 8:28 pm

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a giant, blazing ball of fire travelling at speeds too fast to comprehend?

Residents of central Alberta are reporting a huge fireball streaking across the night sky early Sunday morning in a display that put regular ol’ shooting stars to shame.

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According to the American Meteor Society (yes, that’s a thing, and yes, amateur and professional meteor enthusiasts can sign up as members), there were 180 reports of a fireball seen over Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, and Saskatchewan on Sunday, September 1 at just after 4 pm MST.

Given the statistics put together by AMS, it appears that the fireball had been heading south-southwest just east of the City of Edmonton.


The purple line shows the estimated trajectory of the fireball (amsmeteors.org)

The Society received seven videos and six photos of the natural phenomenon in action, and in the spirit of seeing = believing, we’ve gone ahead and embedded a few of those videos below (along with some stunning Instagram posts).


Credit: Parick M.

Credit: Paul S.

Credit: Juan D.


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