Finding inspiration at The Vancouver FanClub

Dec 19 2017, 2:19 pm

There has been plenty of buzzing and loud chatter about Granville Street’s newest venue, The Vancouver FanClub, and it seems like this new hot spot is definitely living up to all of the hype, review and excitement.

Not only is it becoming quickly known for their menu, wide selection of live music, picturesque decor, and welcoming environment, the Vancouver FanClub is consistently reeling in entertainment throughout Canada, and all of which have one similar goal in mind. To create change.

A few weeks ago, the Vancouver FanClub hosted a night where three amazing, talented, and successful Vancouverites and their companies were showcased.

First on stage was a group of ladies performing an electric cabaret with burlesque inspiration, choreographed by Carla Catherwood, creator of Nuvo Burlesque. Four months ago majority of these girls have only taken a couple of beginner dance classes and some have taken none at all. After weeks of hard working fun, the women finally had the opportunity to perform what they have been taught and practiced. “Army of Sass” is a program that was created with different ranks depending on experience and commitment. Each class runs from four weeks to four months, and is entirely focused on helping women find their “inner sexy” and feel ultimately fabulous whenever or wherever. Carla and her team inspire women to feel classy, create bonds and friendships within the classes, help them feel great so they will look great, and constantly tell women enrolled in their classes that no matter what size, shape, or age, they are beautiful. Their motto?  They leave “no good woman behind.”


Next was a short act done by one of the performers from the Vancouver Circus School. Looking up at the impressively flexible woman hanging every which way from a hoop dangling from the ceiling, it seems completely impossible to ever do whatever she was doing. According to owner Travis Johnson, circus is never impossible. What comes as a big surprise is that the programs at the Vancouver Circus School were built for anyone who is looking to enjoy the benefits of circus regardless of age, gender, physical disabilities, height, size, or weight. Anyone can do it. If you’re looking for fitness benefits, circus training can include core stability, cardiovascular, and full body workout. 10 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to a 30 minute run! If you want fitness benefits as well as a little something more, joining the Vancouver Circus school is also a create way to meet new people and foster a community.


The last to grace the stage was Shaun Verrault from Wide Mouth Mason. Currently residing in Vancouver, he is in love with everything in this city, and some of his song writing is even influenced by what surrounds him when he visits home. Shaun, as well as most musicians, plays music to share what it means to them, and gladly pass along advice to upcoming musicians. Shaun was kind enough to give this tidbit of advice and inspiration for all of those musicians in Vancouver. “Stop looking hard an let it be. The songs just show up. Every man will say it’s a struggle building a career in the music industry, but focus on being great first, work on your craft and your songs. The audience will find you.”


It is incredibly heartwarming and comforting to know that there are successful Canadians who seek to create change from what they are most passionate about. What would the world be like if everyone looked to create a positive change through their passion?

There could be less cases of people budding in line and more young people standing up and letting the elderly take their seat on the bus.

A little food for thought.


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