Popular fast-food fish sandwiches ranked from worst to best

Apr 29 2022, 9:35 pm

Love them or absolutely hate them, fast-food fish sandwiches are a staple on any menu.

The strange thing about any fish sandwich is when they’re great, we love eating them. Grilled or battered, they’re a rare item we don’t get to eat often enough.

On the other hand, if made poorly, they can smell, taste, and even feel incredibly gross.

So which ones do you have to get, which ones deserve a chance, and which ones should you avoid at all costs?

Here is a list of the most popular fast-food fish sandwiches, ranked from worst to best.

6. Subway

Tuna Sandwich


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Although listed on the menu as 100% wild-caught tuna, we still feel a bit…fishy about this one. Tuna and mayo sitting in a container waiting to be spread onto Italian herbs and cheese bread isn’t really our thing, anyway.

5. Burger King

Big Fish Sandwich


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With lettuce, mayo, and even a square fish patty, this seems like an uninspired ripoff of another fast-food fish sandwich we have on this list. We would have hoped to see something fun out of the King, like maybe spice up the mayo or something? Anything?

4. Arby’s

Spicy Fish Sandwich


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This one isn’t great. Most fast-food fish sandwiches seem thrown onto a menu just to say they have one fish option. It’s nice that Arby’s markets this sandwich as a spicy one to make it slightly more unique. There’s also a slice of tomato, so again, we appreciate the effort.

3. Carl’s Jr.

Beer Battered Fish Sandwich

Carl’s Jr. is known for its massive burgers, so the fish sandwich can fly under the radar. If you’re a fish lover, try this one out next time you’re here. It’s beer-battered, which separates it from the other ones on the list, and Alaskan Pollock is used too. There’s no post about the fish sandwich anywhere on the chain’s Instagram, however, which is a bit…fishy.

2. Popeyes

Flounder’s Fish Sandwich


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Popeye’s might specialize in chicken, but that also means the popular chain knows how to deep fry. This sandwich is wonderfully fried and comes simply with pickles, mayo, and a brioche bun. Order it regular or spicy!

1. McDonald’s

Filet O’ Fish

Look, we never really order it, and we often make fun of people who do. But we also talk about it so often because it’s the absolute leader in the fast-food fish sandwich space. Does it have way too much tartar sauce? Not for us.

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