Canadian fast-food breakfast sandwiches ranked from worst to best

Sep 21 2021, 9:41 pm

It used to be that the best on-the-go breakfast you could hope for was a donut or a muffin. Today, Canadians are spoiled for choice when it comes to warm and savoury breakfast sandwiches.

We’re comparing the breakfast sandwich offerings at six different nationwide joints to share once and for all who has the supreme sandwich.

Our ranking takes into account menu options and customization, but it’s mostly about the taste.

Here are Canada’s best breakfast sandwiches ranked from worst to best.

6. Subway


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Microwaved eggs just don’t taste the same as ones fried on a grill. Plus, the Subway sandwich bread is so iconically tied to their lettuce-filled lunchtime sandwiches that its appearance before noon is off-putting. Even if you opt for the English muffin, the Subway cheese doesn’t have enough heft for the morning.

For those reasons, we’re ranking Subway breakfast sandwiches last.

5. Starbucks

canada fast food breakfast sandwiches


Since their breakfast sandwiches come from a fridge before they’re toasted in an oven, they definitely aren’t the most delicious option.

While their sausage, cheddar, and egg sandwich will do in a pinch, and we applaud their vegetarian options – it’s not enough to overcome their less-than-fresh taste.

4. Tim Hortons


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The famously Canadian coffee chain made waves when they announced they were taking a leaf out of McDonald’s book with new freshly cracked eggs instead of the pre-cooked egg scramble patty we all got so used to.

We’re confirming this as a misstep. Frequently, the new Tim Hortons eggs are dry, overcooked, and not as pleasant as other fast-food offerings.

3. Burger King


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The reason why anyone would go to Burger King is probably related to tasty flame-grilled burgers. This strength doesn’t translate at breakfast time, but they’re still finding themselves in the middle of our ranking.

Their options are filling, like the Fully Loaded Croissan’wich, but BK just doesn’t have the craveability that other fast-food places have.

2. A&W


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Whether you get it on an English muffin or a sesame-seed bun, the A&W breakfast sandwiches are slamming. They’re also among the greasiest and saltiest, which is perhaps why we love them.

When you start your day with a Sausage and Egger, you can’t really go wrong.

1. McDonald’s

Your classic Egg McMuffin has been around for almost 50 years, and its supremacy in the fast-food breakfast market is well earned.

The fresh egg puck, cheddar cheese, Canadian bacon, and tangy English muffin make a great combination that’s as nostalgic as it is tasty.

If you like, you can get fancy and opt for the sweet-and-savoury McGriddle or satisfying Bagel BELT sandwich. But some things don’t go out of style.

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