Fashion Fix - Yeezy 2 goes for $90,000 on eBay.

Dec 19 2017, 5:51 am

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If you’re following me on Instagame then you might’ve already seen this last week: …and if you’re not, shame on you! Veeezyloves

Holding a down payment on my future home or 4 years university tuition (per shoe).


The Yeezy 2 officially dropped last Saturday, June 9, with a retail price of $250.  Apparently these bad boys are now going for $90,000.00 on eBay. No joke!  Do you know what $90,000 can get you?

You could be Vancouver’s most envied by coppin’ the Hermes Birkin, pick up your friends in your new G500 (I’m ridin’ around and I’m gettin it) and if the bubbly is more up your alley then this bottle of Ace of Spade should do the trick. But there’s only one currency I like to go by and it’s in the form of Sakura rolls from Kadoya Sushi. $90,000 is 10,000 sakura rolls!!

Sorry, just give me a minute to wrap my head around this.

Above we got Ye himself rockin’ his own creation, as well as the HOV sitting courtside stuntin’!

It’s a bit of a mindfudge to think people camped out for days and that the re-sale value of these could put 2-3 of your children tthrough college.

They were released in 2 color ways and kind of remind me of fish because of the scale detailing and ridged back. I personally think these are a bit odd looking but a fun shoe to wear if you’re going for the futuristicall eyes on me, Kanye state of mind look.  I lied, I’d rather have sushi.

So…. what do you guys think, hype or actual beauty? Do we likey? Thoughts? Bueller? … Bueller?… Bueller?



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