Fashion Fix - Ombre looks for this summer

It’s been awhile since the ombre hair phenomenon hit us and somewhere along the way the trend has trickled over on to clothes, accessories, and even nails! Needless to say, those that weren’t a fan of the idea before will most likely move on over to the “ombre,” side. And of course, we can all thank OC cutie, Rachel Bilson, for starting this whole craze!

Rachel Bilson Ombre Hair

Ombre hair at its best.

If you’re not a big fan of a permanent color do, there are many other ways to get your ombre on.

Otte Ellen Ombre Dess

The Ellen Dress is the perfect go to outfit for a warm summer day. Light, flowy, and fashionable all in one.

Levi's purple ombre shorts from Etsy

These purple ombre shorts are a must have! If you’re feeling ambitious, rummage through your closet and grab those abandoned jeans you don’t show much love to and have yourself a little DIY project!

Topshop silk ombre shirt

This Topshop silk shirt has buttery silk written all over it. Ideal for hot summer nights.

ombre woven necklace, clutch, scarf

If you’re still on the fence about this trend, try incorporating it via accessories. Hand woven necklace, it’ll look great against your bronzed summer skin, a simple clutch, just enough room for your date night staples – lipstick, gum, cash, and for those late night summer breezes, a lightweight scarf. Are you for or against this ombre movement? Let us know what you think!