Fashion Fix - Lana Del Rey for H&M

Dec 19 2017, 5:59 am

Music’s current it girl, Lana Del Rey, has just been confirmed as H&M’s latest fall and winter muse!

Her latest song, National Anthem with A$AP Rocky, is one of the summer’s hottest music videos! And as if you couldn’t already tell, she’s got the retro bombshell look on lock.

To achieve this old school, dead-eyed, femme fatal  look, here are some ways to channel your inner Lana Del Rey:

Big hair is a must!

Don’t think we’ve seen her in any photo with less than 2 inches of teasing from her dome. You know what they say- the bigger the hair, the closer you are to heaven

Cat eyes / long lashes

A side way glance isn’t as seductive without some major eye lash batting. Don’t afraid to go thick with the liner and heavy with the lashes.

Pouty lips

There’s a difference between pouty lips and duck lips. Pouty preceeds the full duck look so please pout with precaution. If you’re not thick lipped like our girl Lana, stick with nude colors.

And last but not least, the one thing that binds this look – the dead eyed, come hither face:

This face isn’t as easy to perfect as the hair teasing or even the cat eye but I believe with much practise and patience, you too can have this look mastered.

Isn’t she such a doll? It’s about time the retro bombschell look made a comeback, and no one does it better than Lana Del Rey herself.

Have fun with your retro look ladies! I know I will 🙂 Are you looking forward to her H&M campaign this fall?

Images from H&M campaign

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