Fashion File: 5 denim fit rules you need to abide by

Dec 20 2017, 2:01 am

Jean shopping used to be fairly easy. You had a handful of washes and one or two styles to choose from, which meant that if you knew your size you were in relatively good shape.

Today the denim world is something else. There are a bewildering array of washes, fits, hems, hardware, stitching and fabric to consider; so much choice that even the most seasoned shopper can be left baffled.

To decode the world of denim, we chatted with Sandro Pugliese from AG Jeans who shared his top tips for finding a pair of jeans that you can’t live without.

Five denim fit rules you need to abide by

Take your time

This one seems pretty straightforward and it is. When searching for a new pair of jeans, be prepared to spend some quality time in the fitting room. This might mean trying on a few pairs multiple times to compare and contrast. You’ll want to make sure that what you see in the mirror is the look and style you’re going for.

Sit and squat

Comfort is key so get moving in the fitting room. This means sitting, squatting, and perhaps a lunge or two. Whatever maneuvers you need to do to make sure that the pair you take home is going to be comfortable in your day-to-day.

Be flexible

Even if you know what your size is, go in with an open mind. A 28 in one brand may be more like a 27 or 29 in another. When in doubt, take more than one size into the dressing room and refer to tip #1.

Tone down

If you’re looking for a slimming look (who isn’t), then tone down to a dark blue wash. Its universally flatting and can help smooth out your silhouette. Special fabric treatments like whiskering only make sense on areas of the body you want to highlight so select with discretion.


Hemming can go a long way, even if its just an inch or two. Jeans that are longer than they should be can make you look sloppy or unpolished. Do yourself a favour and visit your tailor.

AG Jeans are available in most denim speciality locations, including Nordstrom.


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