Fans react to Bon Jovi's Vancouver concert situation with deep disappointment

Dec 20 2017, 12:55 am

Fans of Jon Bovi Jon are writing open letters and taking to social media over their deep disappointment and anger over the sudden cancelation of Saturday’s outdoor concert at Stanley Park.

Approximately 14,000 spectators were expected to attend the event, but the concert has since been downsized and reconfigured to a small event for 200 out-of-town VIP ticket-holders at another location.


A spokesperson with Bon Jovi Tours asserted that Paper Rain Performances, the local promoter and organizer, did not “procure staging materials and failed to pay the band, staging, security, lighting vendors, etc.” and did not meet their contractual obligations.

But Paper Rain rebuffed the allegations, claiming the band had been paid in full but the show was canceled due to poor ticket sales.

In midst of the finger pointing, ticket holders are reacting with deep disappointment to the cancelation of what would have been the largest concert in Stanley Park’s history and the start of an annual concert series in the park. Many are understandably also asking for ticket sale refunds.

Facebook comments

Spencer Whittier: Why have you not posted that the show is cancelled? Are you providing refunds? I understand that you will not be refunding the thousands spent on airfare and hotels despite people planning their trips to Vancouver just for this show. However, you need to refund the concert tickets.

Nancy Caldarola: Disappointed, angry, waiting for news about refunds from Urban Forest and Purple Rain for the cancelled Jon Bon jovi concert in Vancouver. come on promoters and ticket sellers step up to the plate

Megan Simpson: It is so ridiculous that everyone is talking about this except for you.. This was a very expensive concert with a lot of people coming from far away.. It’s horrible business practices that you won’t even acknowledge what’s going on or provide any information.. When will a statement be made?

Vania Pacheco: Yes, we all know he will be here on Saturday doing a private concert for Runaway Tours clients, not for all of us who bought tickets through YOU and Tickets Tonight. Sending an email saying “Congratulations!” is a joke! If you had talked to your customers before it gets to this point, maybe you still would have some credibility left. I would like to hear about refund!

Debbie Whatmore: What’s happening with the concert on Saturday? We’re coming over from the UK!!

Rachel Desrosiers: You should have sent everyone refunds already. Everyday you hold onto our money and give out lame press releases about a nonexistent postponement your reputation slides a little lower into the mud.

Tracey Flattes: How dare you send us an email saying the concert is on when the event jon will be doing is private. Disgusting way to do business!

Maria Parrella: I am wholly & thoroughly disgusted by these turns of events….you made a promise and you broke your promise. SHAME ON YOU!!!!…we all work hard for our money and now we are not able to enjoy an evening with Jon Bon Jovi, but rather only PRIVATE Fans can…..WTF!!!!

Kelsey Raber: The fact that you are unable to properly plan a concert that you have sold tickets for is pathetic in itself, but to then issue a FALSE statement that Bon Jovi will be performing for ALL the disappointed people who have purchased tickets is pure stupidity. The fact that you have not issued an apology or updated your Facebook, Twitter or website shows the true lack of consideration and respect that this company has for the ticket purchasers, who are funding your company and jobs. I will never attend another event put on by Paper Rain Productions. This company is a joke.

Niki Senko: How about getting the other VIP ticket holders into the show ? How about getting everyone into the show being hosted buy runaway tours ?
How about being honest and upfront !?

Bella Pereira: I am soooo disappointed that this event was cancelled! My husband and I were really looking forward to this concert. I can only speculate that permits were not obtained because of low ticket sales. I even planned our vacation around this concert.

Navi Nuvy: I find this entire enterprise to be amateur. How can a concert be cancelled with days to go? And why no communication to the ticket holders when it was cancelled – too embarrassed to face the customers? You left it to the media to spread the bad word. And why has no one heard how one can get tickets refunded – don’t even think about trying to bilk us out of our money!

Open letter to Bon Jovi

What was supposed to be one of the most memorable weekends of my life has turned into a nightmare.

I have been a fan of Bon Jovi every since I can remember, I have travelled the world to every direction possible to follow tours and attend countless shows. I have stood by this band’s side through thick and thin, even when the band was basically just you, the last man standing.

I believe I speak up for many when I say how heartbreaking it is to have a show cancelled four days before it is scheduled. However, what truly breaks my heart is to have you, Jon Bon Jovi, now perform a private show that was supposed to be for all, only for a few.

As I understand Runaway Tours is doing their job to secure the well-being of the fans that are part of the Vancouver trip, you also have loyal fans that perhaps couldn’t afford to be on the trip, already live in Vancouver or just wanted to see you play. WE ARE ALL FANS!

I, and many others, have asked again and again to be included in a show that is happening anyway!

As a fan I refuse to accept there will be a Jon Bon Jovi show in my hometown and I am not going to be in it! Please include your fans in the show you are performing, let us all have a chance.

I am only a voice in the crowd, but if there is one thing I learned from you Jon is the power of WE!

And WE want to see you perform this weekend! WE know you can come through somehow!

A fan that still believes.

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