Extra! Extra! Watch Out Surrey, Abbotsford's Gunning For Your Title

Dec 19 2017, 11:51 am

The Fraser Valley is desolate and unruly at the best of times, throw in some quasi criminal “organizations” and you got the makings of what seems to be Vancouver’s poorer more religious cousin. It is also now the murder capital of Canada, ahead of freaking Winnipeg. Although there are still 4 months left in the year and the Peg could catch up. Regardless, what has been going on in Abbotsford is down right shameful. Don’t people flee the inner city for the quiet, crime free life of suburbia. That may be true in Detroit but not here in Vancouver.
Now I don’t blame one for choosing to live there, it’s cheaper and you get more land for your money. The same reason one chooses to live in Surrey, Delta, Langley, Aldergrove etc… Others such as myself choose to live in a shoe box downtown. One has vast fields of farmland and empty sidewalks, the other has vast streets of beautiful people and cafe’s. For most in their mid 20’s the latter would be more appealing others prefer to spend weekends chillin at Ravi Bar & Grill, I’m just saying.Of course Vancouver has its own problems to contend with, I realize that, some of which could be argued is caused by suburban wanksta’s looking for a good time downtown on a Friday, Saturday or any special event night (see Fireworks nights the past few years). However, for the most part it’s the mentally ill and homeless that roam the streets that concerns most Vancouverites. Well okay not most but the vocal minority.

Long story short, time to get the fuck out of Abbotsford and move to Hope!

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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