10 unusual stocking stuffers for under $20

Nov 11 2016, 12:42 am

Need something different for those stockings this year?

We’ve found 10 unusual and unique gift ideas for everyone on your list – and all for under $20. These are things they’ll love more than Buddy the elf loves maple syrup – and that’s quite a lot.

Cat Selfie Kit


Cat Selfie Kit/All Things Brighton Beautiful

Price: $9.54

If you’ve got someone who’s a little too attached to Instagram and their cat, then this is the perfect gift for them. The kit comes with props for your cat’s selfies – a crown, cat fish suit, and the iconic bread mask. It also comes with a dry-erase cat shaming board, so everyone will know what they did.

Evo Car Share Membership and 75 driving minutes

Price: $5

Bet you didn’t think you could fit a car into a stocking. From now until December 31, Evo, is offering a Membership and 75 minutes of driving time for only $5 (a value of $65.75). Evo cars can be found all around Vancouver, North Van, and parts of Burnaby. And they can fit five people, plus skis and bikes – so you can benefit from this gift too. Get the gift card from Evo’s online pop-up shop.

Bacon soap


Bacon Soap/Bacon Freak

Price: $6.75

Struggling to find a gift for the manly men on your list? Let them lather up with bacon. This bacon soap is actually a hygienic piece of soap scented like our favourite breakfast food. Ingredients include glycerin, water, bacon fragrance, and deliciousness.

Beer-flavoured ice cream


Honey IPA ice cream/Frozen Pints

Price: $6.99

Now we can have our beer and eat it too. Frozen Pints is a Georgia-based company that specializes in making beer-flavoured ice cream. And it’s not just beer-flavoured. This ice cream actually contains craft beer. The Honey IPA ice cream has 2.4% alcohol, and tastes floral, sweet, and hoppy.

Lump O’Coal gum


Lump O’Coal/Always Fits

Price: $4.99

Everyone knows the rules – if you’re naughty you’ll get coal in your stocking. But that’s really not so bad with this coal-shaped bubble gum. The gum pieces look almost identical to the coal pieces of yore, and they come in an adorable holiday tin. It’s almost worth being naughty for.

Key ring phone charger

Price: $11.90

Got a friend that’s always borrowing your charger? Get them one they can always carry with them. This key ring charging cable comes with a USB side, so you can plug it into your computer, and another side that fits into your phone or tablet. It comes with either an Apple connector or a MicroUSB, so no matter which side of the phone debate your friend falls on, they can always be at full battery.

Ice cream cookie bowl pan

Price: $11.99

Serving ice cream in cones is so passé. This pan let you make bowls out of cookie dough, so you can get even more sweets out of every dessert. Simply press the cookie dough around the inside of the pan, bake according to the cookie recipe, and eat. It’s the perfect gift for the baker and sweet tooth on your list.

Bathtub wineglass holder

Price: $16.52

If you want to give the gift of relaxation, don’t bother with a scented candle and bath salts. Give your friend a wineglass holder for the bathtub. The holder uses a suction cup to adhere to the wall of the bath or shower, and once it’s attached can hold 10 pounds of glass and wine.

Microfibre slippers

Price: $17.55

The tagline says “For comfort, cleanliness, and fun” and that’s definitely true. These microfibre slippers look like a mop on the bottom – and that’s exactly what they’re meant to be. The slippers pick up dust and dirt as you walk, keeping your floors clean with almost no work. Plus, it makes sliding across the floor as you air guitar to Led Zepplin way better.

My Critter Catcher


Singles/My Critter Catcher

Price: $19.95

Fear spiders no more. This gift is designed for the arachnophobe on your list, as the two-foot long handle and soft nylon bristles lets them catch spiders without harming them. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s so effective you’ll want one for yourself.

Stockings don’t have to be the same every year. There are tons of awesome and inexpensive gift ideas that will bring some spunk to the yuletide gift exchange.

Whether you’re giving someone the ability to get around town, or you’re gifting them some Trump for their toilet, you’ll be known as the O.G.G – the original gift giver.

It all adds up to a perfect holiday gift exchange.

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