Everything you need for the perfect picnic this summer

Jul 23 2020, 12:48 pm

Long summer days are meant to be enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Whether on a beach, or at a local park, when we spend hours in the sunshine, there will be a time when hunger strikes. So many take that into account and plan for picnics.

Picnics are almost as awesome as hanging out at a favourite patio. And to plan a perfect picnic, here’s a checklist of everything you need to curb your hunger while outdoors, and keep yourself entertained.

So grab your pals, your bikes, and your bags, and get ready for a summer day that’s physically distant and probably worth an Insta story.


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8 things you need for a perfect picnic:

Picnic basket

No picnic is complete without the basket that carries it all. The basket is what will contain the majority of your snacks – which should include some bread, chips, cookies, some fresh fruit and veggies.


Once you get to your park or beach destination, you’ll want to lay down a blanket to sit on and maintain your distance. While the traditional picnic blanket is red and white, you can even grab bedsheets to use to lay down on.

Tip: elastic fitted sheets are perfect for the beach. If you lay it out facing up and have the baskets and cooler (or bags) in each of the four corners, it generally doesn’t let in any sand.

Reusable utensils

You’ll need cups, plates, forks, spoons, and a knife to have your fun outdoor snacks. To be environmentally friendly, find some reusable utensils that are light and easy to carry in your awesome basket.


For your drinks (especially water) and cheeses (and olives), you’ll need a cooler with an ice pack. You’ll be super thankful for this, especially on a hot day.


Don’t forget your sunscreen when you head out for a picnic. Often these are in areas without a lot of shade, so be prepared to be in the sun.

Insect repellent

Just like the sunscreen, grab some insect repellent especially if you plan to picnic later in the day/closer to sunset.

Sporting equipment/games

A picnic is a lot about the food and drinks, as well as the friends, but it’s also about what you can do in the outdoors. Grab a frisbee, a spikeball set, or a deck of cards, to keep you entertained.

Trash bags

Finally, leave your space the way you found it. Be sure to have trash bags to clean up after your day in the park. Most outdoor spaces have trash and recycling bins for you to use as you leave.

Enjoy your picnic!

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