Four easy ways to create a timeless evergreen style in your home

Sep 3 2021, 10:19 pm

Oh a timeless home — something we all dream of but can be so difficult to achieve!

Design is bound to go through trendy phases which then turn to outdated moments.

However, there are some key ways to make your home design feel evergreen and have a similar essence as when it was first renovated. Read the 4 tips we have for creating evergreen designs.

Clean lines & symmetry

evergreen style

Kendall Ansell – Victoria Drive

Something that is really hard to go wrong with is clean, simplified design that enhances the symmetry of the room. Stripping it back and focusing on good structure can get you through many time periods without having to adjust your style. You should also note, having a simple and classic base is easy to play around with, with textiles and small decor pieces when you do feel like being a bit more trendy.  

Never say no to neutrals

evergreen style

Kendall Ansell – Victoria Drive

Neutrals are used consistently for a reason; they are classic! While neutrals do cycle through trend phases like traditional colours, there’s a lot more wiggle room and ranges that last for years to come. The best choice for picking your neutral palette is to choose colours that all compliment each other and blend textures. Try not to mix every palette as that can get overwhelming so try picking either warmer neutrals or cooler neutrals. 

If you do choose to incorporate colours, try sticking to classics that work with your neutral palette and use them as more of an accent. If the pop of colour is in smaller spaces or replaceable design elements, it makes it much easier to update down the road!

Incorporate natural materials

evergreen style

Kendall Ansell – New West

Finding ways to add nature and texture in your home can create such depth and comfort. Natural materials like wood and stone in their original form have a timeless look. Try mixing some more natural elements into your design alongside other current design techniques to create a blended feeling. With natural materials such as wood, it is good to not go too far with stains or paints that take away from the original colour. 

Open shelving to show your personality

evergreen style

Kendall Ansell – Victoria Drive

Without being too cheesy, personality never really goes out of style. Finding ways to incorporate yourself into your home is a really great way to feel evergreen since it isn’t based on any trends. A great way to do this is embracing open shelving or built-ins so you can display more unique and individualized pieces. Not to mention, this design element is incredibly useful for creating space and organization in a room!

As you strive for evergreen design, don’t forget to have fun. Just because something is simple or stripped back, doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting or a reflection of who you are.

Good luck designing your dream space! 

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