How this 24-year-old's brand is making bank in the swimwear industry

May 19 2020, 10:16 pm

A lot of people spend their twenties (and thirties) trying to figure out what direction they want to take their professional life. For Vancouver-based business graduate Nancy Vong, the answer was clear early on.

While working at a corporate Fortune 500 company, Vong decided that one day, she wanted to build a business of her own to that same status. Fast forward, and the company she first started as a side hustle is now her full-time job.

Since founding swimwear label, Escape Swimwear, less than eight months ago, 24-year-old Vong is pulling in six figures and is on track to making her first million in revenue. Sales have increased by 150% every month since the brand’s launch date. Meanwhile, Escape Swimwear’s Facebook and Instagram channels have grown by over 200,000 views week by week.

“When you put your 100% focus into anything, results will come,” Vong tells Daily Hive. Taking a stand against fast fashion, promoting body positivity, and ultimately offering luxury quality swimwear at affordable prices are now a part of this entrepreneur’s mission in the fashion world.

Escape Swimwear is already catching the eyes of celebrities, designers, and influencers including Khloé Kardashian, Jenn Im, Desi Perkins, and Sophie Chang, among others. The brand is also set to have a showcase at Miami Swim Week 2021.

Stylish and sustainable suits aside, a key reason for Escape Swimwear’s growth is the label’s inclusive and confidence-inspiring values. The brand offers swimwear for women in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, and Vong says the label’s goal is to portray an image to ourselves that we are perfect in every curve and every stretchmark.

“Empowerment and self-acceptance are important because many people don’t accept themselves exactly as they are,” she says. “It’s not enough to simply only embrace the valuable and positive things about ourselves, but the ugly and less desirable parts too.”

The brand’s name “Escape” refers to stepping away from societal expectations of being beautiful and confident. It also means escaping to where we feel our best, whether that’s at a local beach in our city or on vacation.

To empower women and create a space where they can share their self-love journey, fitness, and be open about feeling confident in a swimsuit, Escape Swimwear recently launched a private Facebook community group to provide that safe place online.

“Escape Swimwear is everything but fast fashion,” says Vong. The brand offers authentic and unique pieces designed to last for many years and made using luxe material. All of the brand’s designs are planned two quarters before their release.

“Our designs go through a long and careful process of review, analyzing, and revamp. It takes a lot for us to go through before we release a design, which is why almost every design we’ve released has sold out.” The brand doesn’t do re-stocks after a certain quantity of a product has sold out, which means it’s rare that you’ll find someone else with the exact same suit as you at the beach.

“We are always changing and finding new ways to make a simple bikini feel and look unique to the brand,” she says. “We stand for inclusivity and our designs are also head-turning pieces that will last beyond trends that come by.”

Vong isn’t just a marketing expert in the social field; she’s also an entrepreneur who tries to pave the way for other women who are passionate about starting their own online businesses. To educate and bring value for others, she is starting a series on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes Podcasts.

One starter piece of advice Vong has for other entrepreneurs is to have tunnel vision in any project that you do. “Who cares about what others think, say, or do — just trust yourself, your gut, and capabilities. Staying disciplined and consistent is key.”

If you’re searching for the perfect-fit swimwear to take you through the season ahead, visit now and use the code DAILYHIVE to get a 10% discount. Be a part of the conversation by joining the brand’s Facebook group or Instagram community.

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