Get inside Vancouver's newest fitness club with this exclusive interview

Nov 10 2016, 3:31 am

A luxury fitness club is opening on West Georgia Street, and it’s revolutionizing the way people workout.

Equinox already has locations around the world, but this Vancouver club is the first one gracing Canada’s West Coast. The building, which opened on November 16, has embraced the West Coast culture in its design and its plans for fitness in Vancouver.

We interviewed two of the top team members at the Equinox Vancouver location to give you an inside scoop on the fitness club.

Liz Jacobs is the general manager for the West Georgia location, and Geoff Bagshaw is the group fitness manager. Both have been working with Equinox for quite a while, and offer exclusive insight into Equinox and its plans for Vancouver.

What brought you to your role at Equinox in Vancouver?

Liz Jacobs: I’ve always loved working in the fitness industry. I was a personal trainer at Equinox Sports Club in Manhattan for several years, and then joined Equinox as a member when my partner and I moved to Westchester to start our family. After a few months I was the Assistant General Manager of the Mamaroneck location, after which I became the General Manager of our Scarsdale location. We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to move to Vancouver and bring the brand to the West Coast of Canada.

Geoff Bagshaw: Seven years ago I accepted a position with Equinox and relocated to Miami, ultimately becoming the Area Group Fitness Manager for South Florida. From there, my journey with the company took me to London (UK) to manage the group fitness program at the flagship Kensington location. Later, I moved to the Equinox corporate office in New York City as national group fitness creative manager, facilitating the launch of new signature group fitness programming across the brand. Having grown up in Vancouver and worked for a good portion of my career here, I am excited to be back on my home turf, bringing the brand I know and love to Vancouverites.

What makes Equinox different from other fitness clubs?

LJ: For me, it’s the energy. Equinox intentionally creates an atmosphere where people are excited to be, and therefore achieve their results. And it’s not just about the environment – it’s about the science. Our Health Advisory Board is comprised of experts from every aspect of wellness that ensure we provide cutting-edge fitness offerings in a chic, vibrant environment. All of that creates the energy our members (and I) love so much.

GB: I have never worked for a company that invests so much in the way of resources to create a group fitness program that stands out from the pack. Equinox is widely regarded as being home to top tier group fitness instructors and industry leaders. Combine this fact with extensive in-house education, pioneering, science-based programming, beautifully designed studio spaces, along with top notch equipment and you have a group fitness program that is second to none.

What are some of your most popular training programs?

LJ: Each individual has a unique set of goals, interests and motivators. Our competitive members love our signature classes, like Ropes and Rowers, and The Pursuit. Each Pilates and Personal Training program is bespoke to the individual and customized for results. Most of our members use a combination of group fitness programming combined with private coaching to get the best results possible.

How are you approaching the West Coast lifestyle?

GB: Vancouver is a recreational playground, with locals taking part in outdoor pursuits year-round, and our offerings are meant to complement members’ training and help them reach their goals. Whether an individual’s aspirations include a better time on the Grouse Grind, riding in the Gran Fondo, or taking on the Sun Run for the first time, Equinox’s programming is just one of the ways it helps members get results and reach new levels of fitness.

What are your ultimate goals in working with Vancouverites?


Liz Jacobs/Equinox

LJ: We want to create a more savvy fitness consumer. Vancouverites are already fit, and they know how to invest in themselves, but we want to be their partner in challenging them to continually seeking and achieving more. We want our members and employees to maximize the potential within themselves. Pushing people to find new goals and break through their barriers is always our objective.

Why should Vancouverites be excited about Equinox?

LJ: Vancouverites are active and progressive. Equinox is an innovator in the fitness space, constantly developing proprietary programming over multiple disciplines all under one roof. It’s a beautiful place to be and what we offer continues to evolve, so you don’t become bored with routine. We’re looking to contribute to the community by bringing a premium, cutting-edge dimension to the active lifestyle Vancouverites already embrace.

GB: Given that Equinox is really providing several boutique group fitness experiences all under one roof, along with the luxurious design and amenities that Equinox delivers, there is no other facility in Vancouver quite like it.

Equinox West Georgia

Address: 1131 West Georgia Street

Phone: 604-499-3002


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