5 epic snacks you can get at T&T Supermarket in Canada

Oct 8 2021, 4:15 pm

Now that we’ve arrived in the season of binge-watching every new series that piques our interest, we’re going to need to top up our snack cabinet on the regular.

Let’s not forget about movie nights at home, catch-ups with friends, and games nights, too. That’s a lot of snacking coming up through fall and winter. Are we complaining about the prospect of eating all the yummy snacks while laughing to shows to our heart’s content? No way.

Instead, we’re using the cozy seasons as opportunities to try unique, tasty snacks — other than the usual suspects on the shelves of our local convenience store. Since T&T Supermarket has its own collection of private label products (think crackers, pastries, cakes, dumplings — the works) with an authentic Asian taste, there’s plenty to change up your snack game.

We’ve curated a selection of must-try snacks to help you get started. (You’re welcome!)

T&T Brand Salted Shiitake Mushroom Crisps

T&T Brand Salted Shiitake Mushroom Crisps (T&T Supermarket)

Have you ever had vacuum-fried crisps made from whole shiitake mushrooms? These salted, seasoned, and perfectly crunchy morsels are a good place to start. As crispy, small-piece mushroom snacks that are high in fibre (and guilt-free), they are ideal for sharing with friends, family, or co-workers.


Starring coated biscuit sticks in each pack, Japanese snack Pocky is worth your time — trust us. T&T Supermarket stocks every Pocky flavour you could imagine, from matcha to strawberry, chocolate to almond crush biscuit, coconut to cookies and cream, and more. Try them all with no regrets.

T&T Brand Okra Crisps 

T&T Brand Okra Crisps (T&T Supermarket)

Another vacuum-fried snack to add to your list is T&T’s Okra Crisps. A warm-season veggie, okra is known for being a good source of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These lightly salted crisps are made from whole pieces of okra, resulting in a crispy-meets-crunchy snack that’s worth sharing with your favourite people at home, work, or school.


South Korean soft drink Milkis isn’t your typical soda pop. Instead, the sweet carbonated beverage combines with milk to create a creamy taste — with the fizz you’d expect from a soda. At T&T Supermarket, you can find it in the equally delightful strawberry, melon, peach, and apple flavours. 

T&T Brand Original Flavour Potato Sticks 

T&T Brand Original Flavour Potato Sticks (T&T Supermarket)

French fry enthusiasts and potato lovers in general, these sticks are for you. Not only do they resemble fries in shape (what could be better?), but they’re actually made from sliced potatoes. Packing an irresistibly crispy texture and a lightly salted flavour, these vacuum-fried chips are sure to be a hit with your pals.

T&T Supermarket is expanding fast. With a new store opening soon in Langley October 22, T&T will have 29 stores nationwide, making it Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chain. FYI, most of its locations feature an in-house bakery, an Asian deli, a sushi department, and a Chinese barbecue department.

T&T Supermarket is partnering with food and lifestyle influencers across Canada from now through October 14 to give away $50 T&T gift certificates. For a chance to win, check out the official T&T Instagram page.

And to start ordering Asian food favourites (while collecting rewards points at the same time), download the T&T App on the App Store or Google Play and visit your nearest T&T store location.

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