Canada will soon have enough COVID-19 vaccines to fully vaccinate all eligible citizens

Jul 15 2021, 4:58 pm

There will soon be enough COVID-19 vaccines in Canada to fully vaccinate all eligible citizens.

Brigadier-General Krista Brodie, the vice president of logistics and operations at the Public Health Agency of Canada, made the remarks at a press conference on July 15.

“In coming weeks, we will cross a symbolic threshold of 66 million doses, signalling that there are enough doses in Canada to vaccinate every currently eligible Canadian,” she said.

Canada has a population of 37.59 million people, although that does not weed out those who can’t be immunized.

As the country pivots from a “limited supply” of vaccines to a “sufficient supply,” Brodie said officials are now managing doses in a way that supports domestic immunization needs while optimizing options to aid global vaccination efforts.

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc noted that although Canada has “a responsibility” to distribute vaccines to developing countries, the federal government would “never do anything” to jeopardize the country’s ability to quickly immunize citizens.

“We will be very prudent in ensuring that we always have access to all the necessary vaccines to immunize Canadians,” LeBlanc said.

“Our focus always has been, and must remain, ensuring that we first and foremost have all the vaccines necessary to quickly immunize Canadians.”

As of July 9, when Health Canada’s vaccination data was last updated, 67.9% of the population has received one dose, while 32% are fully immunized.

To date, there have been 1,421,831 COVID-19 cases and 26,458 deaths in Canada.

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