New self-care haven in Olympic village offering spa and beauty treatments

Feb 8 2021, 4:56 pm

Tila Huynh, the co-founder of Enhance Arts, had been waiting for an opportunity to open a spa for years, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit that she found the time and space to make it happen. With her other businesses shuddering to a halt, she couldn’t turn down the chance to get a space in Olympic Village.

“I signed the lease for the space in June, got the keys in July. I strongly felt that I just needed to keep going, although friends and family advised me to stop as the situation was, and is, unstable; no-one knows when life will get back to ‘normal,'” says Huynh. “I was told I’m crazy, but I knew I was doing the right thing.”

She signed the lease when she was nine months pregnant — driven by her passion and undeterred by the concern of her loved ones — and got the keys three days before giving birth to her first child. Enhance Arts was born out of necessity, offering a fresh approach to tried and true spa services, affordably priced facial and massage services, plus high-quality medi spa services including body contouring and face tightening.  

Huynh’s original idea was to start a lash studio but having a baby changed those plans. For the first time, she needed relief from aches and pains, inflammation, insomnia, and postpartum depression, and found peace only through massage therapy.

The idea for Enhance Arts came to Huynh when she was getting a massage. As soon as she realized there was nobody in Vancouver offering mid-range, full-day self-care services, she and her sister Linda Huynh, co-founder of Enhance Arts, got to work. They opened up shop in Olympic Village and started the spa to give people a way to seamlessly integrate self-care into their daily lives.

Enhance Arts is a haven for stressed-out city dwellers in search of personalized treatments. A modern self-care sanctuary for beauty and balance, the space is inspired by the lush greenery and mellow atmosphere of a zen space.

Using wood, partitions, and greenery, the designers gave the location an earthy yet luxurious feel. The entrance is draped in silk and velvet, featuring gold and marble detailing, while still being affordable for the average Vancouverite.

Enhance Arts is not your traditional spa. With the help of knowledgeable experts, they want to offer something less clinical and more accessible for locals. Everything is COVID-safe, with visitors separated by heavy curtains while they wait to enter private rooms, so you can fully relax while you’re there.

The day spa includes a holistic approach, incorporating the co-founder’s favourite massages from all over the world, such as Thai massage in Thailand and Reflexology in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Lymphatic, facial, and general relaxation, and express massages are all available.

As a mom, Huynh recommends the CBD massages available at Enhance Arts. They helped her through when traditional medicine failed, and she hopes she can help her clients at the spa in the same way.

Their exclusive blend of essential oils and CBD is enriched with potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The eco-luxe treatment begins with a complimentary cup of in-house CBD tea, and its therapeutic properties will leave your mind, body, and soul feeling relaxed.

After (or before) any treatment at Enhance Arts, you can sip a cup of Enhance Elixir Tea, the wellness and anti-aging tea made in house. It’s great for inflammation and the immune system, and this type of blend is often served to guests at five-star hotels in Asia.

If you’re interested in beauty services, Enhance Arts provides services for your face, eyes, teeth, and body. Eyelash lifts and extensions, eyebrow microblading and ombre powdering, and brow lamination are among the options to choose from.

You could also try cosmetic teeth whitening or facial and body contouring, their newest service. There are tons of facial services too, from hyper-pigmentation treatment to semi-permanent foundation.

The Enhance Arts team believes self-care starts on the inside and puts the happiness of their clients first. In line with the spa’s support for self-care, it donates $1 from every sale to mental health causes.

The team is also intentionally picky with its products and partnerships. Their signature CBD oil and home decor line are Canadian-made, but they employ cutting-edge medical skincare technologies from Europe, and they use eco-friendly packaging, too.

If you’ve been looking for a blissful escape, set some time aside. Book a visit to Enhance Arts and explore the incredible options available. 

Enhance Arts

Address: 1791 Manitoba Street
Phone: 604-558-2658

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