1 in 10 new vehicles sold in BC is now zero emissions

Nov 15 2019, 9:39 pm

Zero emissions vehicles are growing in popularity in Canada, and they’re especially popular in BC where they now account for one in every 10 new vehicles sold.

That number is according to a quarterly report from Electric Mobility Canada, a non-profit dedicated to advancing what it calls electric transport options.

The report looked at electric vehicle sales in Canada for July, August and September and found they jumped 25% compared to the same time period last year.

That increase was likely due in part to new federal incentives introduced in May to soften the sticker price of zero emissions vehicles, the report suggested.

Nationally, 3.5% of all new cars Canadians purchased in the third quarter of 2019 were zero-emissions. BC and Quebec led the pack, where 10% and 7% of new car purchases were zero emissions, respectively.

electric vehicles

Electric vehicle sales in Canada / Electric Mobility Canada

The report suggested further provincial purchasing incentives and policy supporting zero emissions vehicles has helped them achieve such high popularity levels.

BC’s provincial government has a goal for all new vehicle sales in the province to be zero emissions by 2040. It also has plans to expand the electric vehicle charging network and dedicates funds to provide incentives and rebates for consumers to choose greener vehicles.

Zero-emissions vehicles are ones that produce no tailpipe emissions. However, emissions are still generated during their production and manufacturing process. Canada’s federal government says battery-electric, plug-in hybrid electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars are considered zero emissions vehicles.

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