You can see a 60-foot Eiffel Tower at the Illumination Summer Night Market

Jul 10 2017, 3:36 am

Imagine being able to see an iconic Parisian landmark without having to leave Metro Vancouver.

Well, now you can because there’s a massive Eiffel Tower at the Illumination Summer Night Market. Yep, we’re serious.

Richmond’s popular late night market unveiled the 60-foot tower on Saturday, July 1 in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. And now you’ll be able to see it as the special addition to the biggest light show in North America that’s on every weekend from 9:30 pm.

This must-see landmark boasts a ton of beautiful lights and it looks even more stunning as the night falls. So naturally it makes for the most amazing Instagram backdrop.

The market also features a wealth of dazzling lanterns and colourful installations where you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take snaps throughout the night.

But it doesn’t stop there.

A trip to the city’s top night market isn’t complete until you try some of the amazing multicultural foods on offer.

You’ll smell the inviting aromas of fusion foods being cooked as soon as you walk into the market. And it won’t cost you a fortune to try multiple dishes now that there’s four $20 Taste of Illumination menu.

This means you’ll get to try seven different, delightful dishes including the likes of beef jerky, spicy crawfish, barbecue lamb rack, and much more – for less. Plus your menu also includes a dessert such as frozen yogurt and a drink like an illuminating alcool mocktail. Yes, this drink actually lights up and it’s like a party in a cup.

Taste of Illumination menu/Illumination Summer Night Market

You can purchase your tasting menu pass online before you go to the market or at the entrance. Oh, and to make it even sweeter, your admission is included in the price too.

The Illumination Summer Night Market is much more than an event where you’ll browse stalls, indulge in some food and go home. No, you can stay there for the whole night enjoying live entertainment and performances on the main stage.

Band performing/Illumination Summer Night Market

See you there this weekend.

Illumination Summer Night Market 2017

When: Weekends until September 10, 7 pm to 12 am
Where: Beside IKEA – 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond (behind Home Depot on Sweden Way, where the Panda Market used to be)
Admission: $3



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