ECCW Entrance Song Power Rankings

Dec 20 2017, 4:08 am

ECCW, the premiere indie wrestling federation on the West Coast has a great roster of villains and heroes (and Xavier Galaxy), but there is just something awesome about seeing a wrestler come out to the perfect song. A song that matches their character, a song that after hearing just the first few notes gets your blood pumping and your beer hand raising in anticipation of the carnage to come.

So who has some of the best jams in ECCW? Nothing says fun quite like ranking a subjective topic like music, let alone wrestler’s entrance songs, but using a blend of very advanced mathematical formulas, and after having watched several hours of Matlock, these rankings are as scientific as it gets.

10 Cat Power – Beautiful Dangerous


It starts off with an intro that becomes easily recognizable, which is always a plus in wrestling. The song then gets a bit slow but then hits more of a rock music hook, and it fits the newly turned face Cat Power better than the angrier, screamier meaner version. The pacing off the song goes from sultry to “I’m gonna kick your ass”, which as Larry David would say is pretty, pretty, pretty good for Cat’s persona.

Plus the title of the song is “Beautiful, Dangerous” which hey, why not choose a song that promotes yourself in such a positive manner. If her song was “Average, not that intimidating” it wouldn’t have the same ring to it.

9 King of the Yukon – Fortunate Son

When CCR hits in a wrestling arena, people tend to get pretty excited. It’s because it’s already an iconic, very easy to recognize song, which in the indie world is a big plus. Imagine you’re an indie guy and you have your own, off the beaten path song, that isn’t very recognizable. Casuals won’t know who it is, and they won’t react as big to it. They have to wait to see who is coming out.

But CCR hits? **** yeah, it’s time to have a good time, because you already love that song, regardless of who it is.

But then the King comes charging out, full of energy, with a six pack in hand?? The noise raises to another level.

Ah-mazing. Great song choice for the King of the Yukon.

Now pour out a beer in honor of the King, who will be missing action due to a bad knee injury.

8 Air Adonis – Magnum PI

When you first hear Air Adonis come out, you’re probably going to kind of recognize his theme song before later in the night realizing “Wait, was that the Magnum PI theme song??”

And I admit, it’s a catchy tune. It’s kind of cheesy, but it goes well with his gimmick, which is that of a drunk airline pilot. If you’re going to come out with a drink in hand, and a lady on your side, Magnum PI isn’t too far of a stretch for your song. Just waiting to see if he ever grows a moustache.

7 Cunninghams – Tubthumping


Ah, the Chumbawumba divide.

I didn’t want this song to make the rankings, if we’re being honest. I heard it once and went “Ah that’s funny, that song, I remember that.” and kind of laughed and enjoyed it. Then upon hearing it at every show I learned to hate it once again.

Yet when I asked people about the Power Rankings, several people had this song high on their lists, some even at the top. Gross.

Still, we have to be scientific about this, and as one person said “I LOVE THAT SONG” and sometimes that’s all it takes to get people on board your wrestling entrance song.

The song kind of fits the Chams, because they are two of the hardest working dudes I know, so yes, if they get knocked down, they will indeed get back up again. I just think their “Ultimate” song is somewhere down the road. Chumba is just a pit stop. A smelly, unclean pit stop.

Will The Cunninghams ever come out to Smash Mouth’s All-Star? One can only hope.

6 Bishop – Lapdance


Now, first off lets give Bishop credit for updating his music more than anybody else. The fact he’s always trying a fresh approach to his entrance should be applauded. I also believe he now currently has a new song, but I am going with this one for now because I only heard his new one once in New West.

What I like about Bish is he always picks songs that go well with his “**** this I’m better than this” character he portrays so well. It’s like he’s coming out to his own personal dance party that you should be thankful you got invited to watch.

The bass heavy beat of any of his song choices are always top notch, as they make you want to nod your head along to them before you realize Bish is a dick heel and you don’t want to cheer him on. Yet part of you loves his song and your head starts nodding along to the music again.

It’s the ultimate heel move.

5 Bollywood Boyz – Beware the Boys

The distinctive sound of the song sets it apart from every other entrance on the roster, and automatically signals the arrival of two of the biggest faces on the roster. The Bollywood Boyz are so incredibly over in their hometown, and they honestly couldn’t have chosen a better song for themselves (for the title alone).

It’s also a song that makes you want to dance along to it, and nothing is better than seeing a bunch of kind of drunk white dudes in the crowd trying to mimic Bollywood dancing. The ol’ “Screwing the light bulb in” dance move gets brought out in spades.

4 El Phantasmo – Head Banger

“It hurt my ears so I turned it off.” was how one person described this song to me when I sent them the link on YouTube. And to be fair, a lot of non wrestling people had the same reaction, and I fully admit, the song is an acquired taste. But once you do acquire said taste? It is ****ing awesome.

Now, admittedly, the song doesn’t shine on its own, on a YouTube channel. Like, if you’re listening to this in your office, you’re probably wondering what’s attacking your ears.

But some songs excel in “packed crowd of people” situation, and this is where El P’s song really takes off. In a loud venue like the Commodore, the bass on this song literally hits you in the face, and some of those higher screechier noises compliment it much better when in a diluted big room environment.

If this was based purely on Commodore Ballroom entrance songs, El Phantasmo would be number one, as it’s the only entrance you can feel as well as listen to. One of my biggest memories of the Commodore shows is El Phantasmo’s entrance song, as it feels like a big time event is about to take place, especially when you add in the lights being off, neon light up jacket, and smoke in the air pageantry of the rest of his entrance.

3 Alex Plexis – Stompa

I didn’t get behind this song until Pac Cup ’15. But on that night, Plexis won the Pacific Cup, and I heard this song like 3 or 4 times. During my time with that song, I began to realize what a brilliant song this is for Plexis. Stockholm Syndrome? Maybe. But it still puts this song into the top 3.

Plexis comes out to the beat, and dances along to it as if Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair had a love child together. He then times his ab reveal to the music, and it’s at this point you realize the entire song is an integral part of the production, and it’s awesome.

It’s also one of those sneaky songs that gets stuck in your head, and when you hear it outside of ECCW you automatically find yourself saying out loud “Plexis….”

2 Pete Powers – Short Change Hero

I love love LOVE this entrance theme song for Pete Powers, and it would have been number one if I had ranked the songs purely on my own.

The song just conveys to me a very large vigilante, lone wolf heel persona. It’s almost as if the song signals that Pete Powers is here to hurt you and there is nothing you can do about it. He’s not quite sorry about the fact he has to hurt you, but he does recognize the unfairness of the situation that he’s so much more powerful than you.

I also like the fact that it’s one of the few slow paced songs that actually works for a wrestler. Usually you want a good bass heavy beat, or a great hook in the song to be effective. This one is just very laid back, but also menacing at the same time, so it works.

The song is basically a warning, but not an over the top warning, to other wrestlers, about the pain that is coming their way.

1 Scotty Mac – Fitzpleasure

This isn’t the exact re-mix of Scotty’s song, but since YouTube likes to shut down the ECCW entrance video, this will have to do.

What this song has going for it:

  • Bass heavy
  • Easy to recognize
  • That infamous “it” factor

Honestly, you can’t even really explain why this song is perfect for his current heel character, but it is. It somehow conveys his vain, arrogant, selfish new persona, and I can’t even explain why. I also love the fact that it’s a song not many have heard of, yet it almost right away becomes instantly equated to Scotty once you’ve heard it.

It’s also a song that even if you’ve never heard, it has such a unique sound to it, that you automatically kind of dig it.

Part of it helps that Scotty is on the top of the card, so his song has been linked to many bigger moments than other wrestlers (which helps its ranking), but even without that, it’s still an awesome entrance theme.

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