East is East Fights to Save Organic Signage

Dec 19 2017, 1:29 pm

In Vancouver’s Little Mountain neighbourhood East is East is fighting for what they deem is right and I think many Vancouverites will back them on this one. The city of Vancouver has notified the owner of the restaurant, Mustafa Reza, to change the organic signage. Apparently it doesn’t conform with the city’s vision of sterilizing Main Street with the constant bombardment of all glass condo buildings and uniform signage. 

East is East is asking the public to support the look of it’s new venue by signing the petition and writing the city. They need 5,000 signatures and I think we can make that happen so please share this story with as many people possible!

Here is their plea:

East is East & Chai Gallery is building a new and expanded venue to bring world-class music, art and culture to Main St. However, the city planning department is demanding that we change our façade and outdoor patio to match their sterile vision of Main St. East is East’s concept is built on using natural, sustainable materials in all aspects of the restaurant – in both design and cuisine; forcing us to change our nature-inspired design and use non-organic materials compromises the heart of what East is East stands for.

Since the City of Vancouver has an ambitious plan to be the “Greenest City by 2020”, we were surprised when they rejected our application for our organic material façade. We feel it is not right for the city to dictate our freedom for cultural and artistic expression, particularly if we are choosing to align with values of beauty and sustainability.

East is East has been designed to evoke feelings of relaxation and mystery, represented by its rounded corners and earthy wooden frames. Our exterior is an expression of what is happening inside – a multi-cultural venue both in its architectural, cuisine and cultural offerings that is adding vibrancy and a modern ethnicity to the Main St. district. Changes to important aesthetic features will have a significant effect on our customer experience, and consequently our ability to create a sustainable business.

We turn to you and hope that you share our vision to keep our neighborhood beautiful, natural and culturally vibrant. We need your support to let the city know that our customers care about East is East, and that we are recognized as being a source of community, culture and healthy cuisine for over 7 years.

You can do this by signing our petition available at either East is East location, or this online petition. You could also write a few words expressing your opinion in the form of a letter addressed to the Vancouver variance committee, which we will be glad to post on your behalf. Your voice means a lot to us, and all future customers of East is East.

Thank you sincerely,

East is East

For those that live there and or drive by will instantly recognize the signage. I actually think it works well with the new building. Time to sign the petition.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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