Here’s how to earn extra cash by sending a link to a friend

Oct 4 2022, 6:00 pm

With the rising cost of pretty much everything, people are finding creative ways to generate some extra income. While some have turned to crocheting plant cozzies or pet-sitting exotic lizards as a side hustle, there are ways people are earning money that doesn’t require so much time, yarn, or bugs.

Popular among influencers, affiliate programs are a low investment way to earn cash that can often result in some big earnings. 

These are programs where people can sign up to gain a unique link to a brand’s website. If someone visits that website via that link and takes the intended next step (be it a purchase or a registration), the person whose name is attached gets a reward, either a flat fee or a percentage of the profits generated, depending on how that affiliate program is structured. 

Different affiliate programs come with different perks, but it’s estimated that the industry is worth $12 billion, with companies doubling down their efforts to expand their affiliate programs, according to a recent report in Influencer Marketing Hub.

Simplii Financial has joined the ever-growing of companies offering these programs, with a focus on promoting their Global Money Transfers.

Simplii Financial’s Global Money Transfer, or GMT, is one of the quickest ways to move funds between two accounts in different countries and currencies. Whether paying off overseas medical expenses, wanting to send money to friends and family in a different country, or paying off tuition at an international university, GMTs are a great option for those looking to quickly transfer money abroad.

With that focus, Simplii Financial has made it easier for people to not only send money, but also gain a little extra while doing so just by referring their friends and family.

Upon signing up for Simplii Financial’s Affiliate Referral program, users will get their very own referral link, which they can share with their social circles. If someone uses their link to sign up for a Simplii Financial account or sends a GMT, both the person who was referred and the referee can get rewarded with an extra $50 in their accounts.

And for those looking to join the referral program, they don’t even need to be Simplii Financial clients to gain the reward. Plus, there aren’t any transfer fees or interest associated with Simplii’s GMT

The rewards are transferred via Interac e-Transfer, with users required to sign up using the email that’s linked to their Interac account. If you haven’t already, make sure you set your account up for auto-deposit for immediate access to the funds.

A GMT transaction through Simplii Financial is safe and secure, with the ability to track through online banking or their mobile banking app. Those who have the Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa Card can use it to send a Simplii GMT and not get charged cash advanced fees.  You can also receive a credit of up to $300 within six weeks of their first GMT using the promo code GMTEVENT, depending on the amount of their first transfer — can you see your bank account increasing already?

Once someone reaches $250 in rewards — the equivalent of five referrals — they’re required to sign Simplii Financial’s Influencer Agreement to continue getting paid for their links. So it’s better to sign up in advance rather than risk a delayed payment due to a lack of documentation.

While those referred with the link can only open one Simplii Financial account, referees will still gain rewards for each GMT sent.

If you’re interested in signing up, you can find more information on Simplii Financial’s Referral Program’s website.

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