Early Morning Thought: Resist 2010/APC Goons = Higher Security Costs

Dec 19 2017, 11:55 am

Now tell me something, these (Resist 2010 and the lazy APC) are the same individuals who complain about the financial burden tax payers will be left with once the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are long gone. However, there tactics are one of the reasons security costs are so high. Who pays for security costs, we do, the working people. I guess it’s easy for Resist 2010 and APC bums to cause disruptions seeing that they probably don’t work for a living and thus don’t pay taxes. You know because they aren’t down with capitalism and corporate greed and all that jazz.

Today the Olympic torch arrives in Victoria and so will hoards of balaclava wearing, pseudo soldiers fighting for what they believe is the social injustice perpetuated by the 2010 Olympics.
These individuals have every right to protest, peacefully, I’m not against protests. What I find funny is that although they are passionate against things such as corporate greed and poverty, yet many just can’t seem to show their freakin’ faces. Cowards. The Olympics just gives these asshats a reason to vandalize and like a bunch of bratty teenagers. I wouldn’t be surprised if many are just paid extras.

Conclusion, protest peacefully, as asshattery will be viewed negatively by the public and your actions will go to waste. Also, please do not terrorize little children!

photo: The Independent UK

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