Listen to music as Bane: Dyson unveils bizarre new air purification headphones

Mar 31 2022, 2:11 pm

The world has been torn about the use of face masks over the past 24+ months, but here’s one thing we can all agree we won’t be putting on our faces: Dyson’s bizarre air purification headphones.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Bane while listening to your favourite playlist, you might have found your match.

Dyson, the household appliances company, has unveiled its first wearable product that fuses air purification into a set of Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones.

The Dyson Zone, which has been researched and designed for six years, aims at allowing city dwellers to avoid polluted and unwanted air particles.

The bizarre design has a motor, compressor fan, and a dual-layer air purifying filter for each ear. The air is drawn through the filters and cleans out 99% of particles (as small as 0.1 microns), including pollen, dust, and nitrogen dioxide. The filtered air then gets pushed out while supplying a “continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth.”

“Air pollution is a global problem – it affects us everywhere we go. In our homes, at school, at work and as we travel, whether on foot, on a bike or by public or private transport,” says chief engineer Jack Dyson. “The Dyson Zoneâ„¢ purifies the air you breathe on the move. And unlike face masks, it delivers a plume of fresh air without touching your face, using high-performance filters and two miniaturized air pumps. After six years in development, we’re excited to deliver pure air and pure audio, anywhere.”

Cancel unwanted noise, breathe in purified air, and you know, feel like Hannibal Lecter.

Here’s how the Twitterverse reacted to the eyebrow-raising tech, which will become available to the public later this year.

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