Drone delivery to your doorstep

Dec 19 2017, 9:01 am

The future is here, along with those new office supplies. 

When the word “drone” is mentioned one can’t help but think of a winged kill-machine buzzing over the Middle East, with death rays poised for action. But Amazon is here to tell you that drones can actually be friendly little creatures and loyal servants to all of your shopping needs.

We had it wrong all along!

From the click of a button to your doorstep, online retailer Amazon.com is testing new ways to ensure your package arrives within 30 minutes. The new delivery system -– called Amazon Prime Air — would see packages delivered by unmanned aircrafts known as “Octocopters.”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants you to imagine a world four to five years from now where GPS driven drones are as “normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today.”

video was recently posted to the Amazon’s website that shows a parcel being sealed and secured on to a drone, that resembles a winged miniature barbecue, then proceeding to take off from the Amazon warehouse.

[youtube id=”98BIu9dpwHU” align=”center”]

The drones’ are supposed to be an environmentally friendly alternative to the current delivery trucks. Furthermore, public safety will be a top priority for the delivery drones, as security consultant from Block G Security, Christopher Parsons told CTV News Channel.

“As soon as one of these things falls out of the sky… that will be the end of this kind of project,” he said.

The Octocopters will be able to carry packages that weigh up to five pounds, so no bulky items will be delivered this way. And of course comment sections were lively with opinions drawing attention to obvious flaws.


“…I have got huge concerns about the effect the drones will have on migrating birds, monarch butterflies, small birds, bats, noise pollution, and safety issues that might arise like crashes or malfunctions…How much of our own public air space & privacy is going to be invaded by these drones & during what hours of day & night? …what about people that have sleeping disorders or PTSD that would have to deal with how these drones make them feel. Nice try, I don’t want to see these things anywhere, at any time, these are now classified as UFO’s because no one knows what they really are or what they are carrying or capable of.”

An anonymous poster:

“Shoplifting is getting more exciting all the time. I would shoot down that thing and open up the box to find what treasure awaits me.”


“Who is going to retrieve or return the containers? Part of the cost? Throw in the recycle bin? Will the copter wait till you empty the delivery bin? In theory the idea is good but in practical operation there will be so many pitfalls I just do not see the venture taking flight.”


“Package delivered: to roof — Package delivered: to neighbor — Package delivered: to pool, please return octocopter — Everyone’s packages delivered: to you — Package delivered: to Atlantic, rent boat to retrieve — Package delivered: to dog — Package delivered: to power lines, please climb pole to retrieve.”


“Limit is only 5 pounds? Arrgh! Guess I’ll just have to order my beer a six-pack at a time!”

The future may be friendly, so long as you open the door.