Ever wanted to race a Ferrari or Lamborghini in Vancouver? Now you can

Feb 7 2018, 5:44 pm

Thrill seekers, we’ve got good news for you. It’s time to live your very own episode of Top Gear.

Like most people, you’ve probably always wondered what it’s like to race a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or GT-R. But 2018 is the year you can actually make it happen and check this off your bucket list, at Vancouver’s Supercar Driving Experience.

Both you and the car lover in your life have the chance to live out the dream of driving some of the fastest supercars in the automotive industry on a racetrack where you don’t have to worry about Vancouver traffic, pedestrians, or, you know, speed limits.

Ferrari/North Shore Exotics

You can take advantage of 500,000 square feet of pristine track, with an attached real airplane runway – all shut down exclusively for you. All that’s left is for you to put pedal to floor and experience the joy of a high-speed run in the supercar of your choice.

“The fact that this experience takes place off of the public roads and in a private area is what allows these high-speed opportunities for customers to really feel what these amazing cars can do in a safe way,” a North Shore Exotics representative told Daily Hive.

“The runway and coned-out driving course allow our customers to experience what a Ferrari, Lamborghini or GT-R are capable of in different race-like situations, letting you drive full throttle and take corners pushing the limits of the tires to the max. Something impossible to do on public roads safely and legally.”

You can literally feel like a millionaire for the day as you choose between a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or GT-R and experience up to five laps around the driving course, and two full throttle high speed runs on the airport runway. Each car has its own unique characteristics for handling, acceleration, braking, and the beautiful symphony of exhaust sounds that each car makes as they scream towards their nearly 9,000 rpm redlines. 

Lamborghini/North Shore Exotics

The best part? The driving course is specially designed so you can experience full-throttle acceleration on open straightaways, hear the tires squeal in tight hairpins and s-bends, and bring yourself to a stop on a dime.

What happens if you’re too young to drive? Or maybe you just want to feel what an expert can do behind the wheel? Well, then you can simply opt for the exciting ride-along option. This means you can experience the same amazing car, just from the passenger seat with an expert driver piloting the car.

All cars can be driven in automatic mode by individuals of different skill levels. The Lamborghini, Ferrari, and GT-R use an advanced automatic transmission to shift faster than you can blink an eye – the same style of transmissions used in modern race cars. And all of the cars are equipped with paddle shifters to in case you prefer to shift the gears yourself.

Due to high demand and limited availability, spaces book up fast, with every day in 2016 and 2017 selling out. Since this is one unforgettable experience you need to try at least once, you’ll want to book an exclusive session behind the wheel of these supercars ASAP. Plus, it makes a stellar gift for pretty much any occasion.

For prices, availability and to book the thrill ride of your life, check out North Shore Exotics now, email [email protected], or call 778-968- 5035.

Visit North Shore Exotics on Facebook and Instagram to see even more photos of the cars you could be speeding around this Vancouver track in.

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