8 new and classic guilt-free drinks you can get at BC Liquor Stores

Mar 10 2020, 12:03 am

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the things that adulting entails? We have, and it’s a lot. Working, eating healthily, exercising, managing a side hustle — the list goes on.

So when it comes to socializing with friends and having a good time, we don’t want to have to worry about whether the drinks we enjoy will ruin our diet plans. The solution? Low-calorie, guilt-free beverages.

These lighter bevvies are perfect for serving up at spring (or end-of-winter?) parties. Plus, the shelves at your nearest BC Liquor Store are stacked with options, including the new-to-Canada hard seltzer drink White Claw that’s taken the US by storm.

As we start dreaming of spring and summer, here’s a look at some of the new and classic drinks worth trying.

White Claw Black Cherry

White Claw Black Cherry/BC Liquor Stores

Hard seltzer enthusiasts, White Claw is finally coming to Canada — and more specifically, to BC Liquor Stores. Chances are you already know the brand name because the beverage is a cultural phenomenon. Since launching in the US in 2016, it has become the number one hard seltzer and category leader in North America.

This March, discover what all the hype is about for yourself by trying White Claw Black Cherry. Taste juicy black cherry and a hint of sweetness with this sparkling 5% hard seltzer that comes in at just 100 calories (with one gram of carbs per 355 ml can). Additional flavour options include Mango and Natural Lime, not forgetting mixer packs.

Growers Light Raspberry Peach

Growers Light Raspberry Peach/BC Liquor Stores

Who said cider was meant to be straight-up apples and nothing else? If you enjoy the crisp finish of cider, you’ll appreciate the all-natural flavours of Growers Light Raspberry Peach. It’s refreshing, sweet, and made using 100% Canadian apples with notes of raspberry and peach (plus some light carbonation). There are no shortcuts with this one.

Pyur Botanical Gin Soda

Pyur Botanical Gin Soda/BC Liquor Stores

Gin has been trending for as long as we can remember, and those stylish highball glasses do offer a chic aesthetic. But forget about the gin variations you’ve tried that haven’t lived up to your expectations because we’ve found your new tipple: Pyur Botanical Gin Soda. Experience the juniper of classic gin with a sweet rosehip twist.

Hey Y’All Unsweetened Georgia Peach Hard Iced Tea

Hey Y’All Unsweetened Georgia Peach Hard Iced Tea/BC Liquor Stores

First off, we appreciate the retro and funky design of Hey Y’All cans — especially the peach-tinted option. This season, you can enjoy the light, refreshing taste of juicy peaches and brewed black tea — sugar-free —with Hey Y’All Unsweetened Georgia Peach Hard Iced Tea. Consider your future BBQ plans made.

Palm Bay 0G Tangerine Mist

Palm Bay 0G Tangerine Mist/BC Liquor Stores

The sun may not be shining through March in Vancouver (thanks, Raincouver). However, you can still bring tropical holiday vibes to life with Palm Bay 0G Tangerine Mist. This super-light cooler is full of bright and citrusy tangerine, offering a taste of the tropics with zero grams of sugar and zero carbs.

Black Fly Local 55 Vodka Soda Lemon

Black Fly Local 55 Vodka Soda Lemon/BC Liquor Stores

We’re all for drinks that save you having to do some work (in this case, having to chop up fresh fruit). Black Fly Local 55 Vodka Soda Lemon is an ultra-delicate blend of smooth Canadian vodka, pure lemon and lime juices, and effervescent soda. Even though this soda has just 55 calories, it has 2.8% alcohol, and it’s gluten- and sweetener-free!

Lonetree Hard Cider Spritzer

Lonetree Hard Cider Spritzer/BC Liquor Stores

Not everyone likes hard seltzers, and we get that. If you’re a big cider fan, look no further than Lonetree Hard Cider Spritzer. The dry-style cider we know and love is now available as a spritzer with 100 calories, four grams of sugar, and it’s also gluten-free. If you want to feel super bougie, serve it in a fancy cider glass.

In Good Order Lemonade Rosé

In Good Order Lemonade Rosé/BC Liquor Stores

Fancy yourself a wine connoisseur? Change it up this season with In Good Order Lemonade Rosé. Infused with citrus flavours of pink lemonade, subtle notes of rose petals, and a hint of sweetness, this 100-calorie gluten-free option is as refreshing as it gets. Plus, it’s made with all-natural fruit flavours, 4% alcohol, and four grams of sugar.

To pick up a six-pack of the new White Claw and other exciting low-calorie beverages, visit your local BC Liquor Store.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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