All Dressed chips are now sold in the US and Americans don't understand the flavour

Feb 10 2018, 6:06 am

Canada always seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to good junk food.

Our neighbours down south, however, have access to amazing flavours of Oreos, Doritos, and sugary cereals. And let’s not even get started on their fast food options.

But a Canadian delicacy is now making its way on to US supermarket shelves, and Americans areĀ shook.Ā 

All Dressed chips have arrived in America and apparently people in the States are not sure what this flavour is.

Reddit userĀ turtle_mummy uploaded a photo of All Dressed Ruffles chips found in a US store, and there is a special disclaimer on the bag explaining what ‘All Dressed’ actually means.

Ruffles Chips

Reddit Canada

“I bet you’re wondering what ‘All Dressed’ Means,” says the bag.

“After all, in America it just means you’re wearing all your clothes. But in Canada ‘All Dressed’ actually mean delicious ridgy chips that somehow taste salty, savory & sweet all at the same time. Sounds good, eh?”

Yes, yes it does.

We’re hoping Americans will have the palate to understand the sweet and zesty flavour profile of All Dressed Chips because, just like poutine, we take our Canadian classics very seriously.

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