Dr. Bonnie Henry admits to giving herself a pandemic haircut

Apr 8 2020, 7:01 am

During Tuesday’s daily BC COVID-19 update, Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry shared some advice with British Columbians: Don’t cut your own hair during the pandemic.

Dr. Henry’s admission was a light-hearted anecdote during the daily press conference, where she and Health Minister Adrian Dix routinely go over the province’s current known coronavirus cases and answer questions from reporters.

“They say the number one thing not to do in a pandemic is your own hair and I will say, ‘believe them,’ and my apologies to Lindsay, my hairdresser, but I did do some of my own tinkering with my hair in the last couple of days,” admitted Henry.

“So yes, I did not go to the hairdressers. Hopefully, it will settle soon.”

Last month, the provincial government all salons, spas, and personal care businesses to close in BC, to help combat the spread of coronavirus.

As a result, many British Columbian will probably have to muster up the courage to cut their own hair or allow someone else (they hopefully trust) to take charge of the trimmer or scissors.

As for Dr. Henry, it’s fair to say she did a pretty good job on her own locks.

Watch the full clip below, starting at 13:30 minute-mark.