Doritos Canada has finally addressed the Cool Ranch chip shortage

Jun 1 2020, 5:28 pm

One of Doritos’ most under-appreciated flavours (and perhaps the most delicious of all, in our opinion) has been causing quite a stir recently.

Concerned Cool Ranch Dorito fans headed online to inquire about shortages of the variety when the blue bags suddenly became increasingly difficult to find during the pandemic in Canada.

Lengthy Reddit threads dedicated to getting to the bottom of the missing snack were launched, and chip fans were waiting at the edge of their seats.

Folks didn’t know for sure that this alleged “shortage” was coronavirus-related, but some feared the absence meant the product had been discontinued altogether.

Well, not to worry, guys, because Doritos Canada has come out with a statement facing these rumours head-on.

The chips are back, and now we can relax.

At the end of May, the brand announced when Canadians could expect to find this flavour of chips on store shelves again soon.

For Ontario and Western Canada, the bags should already be back. People in Quebec and Atlantic Canada can expect chips to be back in stock towards the end of June.

Doritos said some flavours will remain limited while they work to meet “unprecedented demand.”

There you have it, people. Mystery = solved.

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