5 dog-friendly home decor tips that'll make you drool

Jul 13 2017, 7:14 am

Written for Daily Hive by Sarah Kucharski

You’ve moved to the city and now it’s time to furnish your first adult apartment. You’re ready to upgrade from college hand-me-down furniture and have curated a Pinterest board with hundreds of images for room inspo. Armed with savings and ready to invest in your new space, you’re suddenly haunted by thoughts of your favourite four-legged friend destroying your Instagram-worthy home.

Don’t worry. Finding balance between design and durability doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can still make a design statement that’s pet-friendly if you choose your furnishings wisely.

The perfect sofa

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Go with material that is easy to clean and maintain: leather. Although it might cost more than a fabric sofa, you’ll be thankful down the road when it looks better than when you first bought it.

Pro tip: full-aniline leather develops what’s called a patina, meaning small scratches from your furry friend will be less noticeable over time and any marks they create will blend right in. In a few years, you’ll be able to say your sofa has “character.”

Coffee for two

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Compact city living means playtime with your pup can happen anywhere. Choose a coffee table that is sturdy, with a strong base and tall enough to keep your weeknight glass of wine (no judgement) or flower vase out of head’s-, paw’s-, and tail’s-reach.

Protect your floors

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Whether you rent or own, the last thing you want to do is scratch the floors of your oh-so-adult apartment. Play into that and create a finished look by adding a rug to your space—Sparky will love it too because it’ll give him or her a place to sprawl out when that perfect, inviting sunbeam hits.

Throw down

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Dogs like to chill out on sofas just like us, and while they’re relaxing they might get an itch they need to scratch or start drooling at the mere smell of your dinner. To prevent unwanted doggie stains, protect your seats and add a throw to create a maintainable barrier between Fido and your sofa. It’s much easier to clean a throw than a sofa!

Take it outside

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Make the most of that outdoor patio—if you have it. For the summer days you’re not at the park with your pup, you’ll probably be basking in the sun on your patio so make it a space you both can enjoy. Choose durable furniture that can take on the elements and your pup: solid wood, like teak, or high-quality (and easily cleaned) synthetic materials such as polypropylene.


Sarah Kucharski is content coordinator for Vancouver-based, original modern furniture brand, Article. A professional storyteller and casual thrill-seeker, Sarah loves fashion, fitness, and occasionally diving out of planes. Her ideal desk looks remarkably like a sofa.

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