Dog on drugs is the talk of Yaletown

Dec 19 2017, 8:14 pm

A Yaletown dog with a taste for its owner’s drugs is making headlines thanks to a recent SPCA intervention.

CBC Vancouver has the story of Carter, a Pomeranian who was treated recently at the Yaletown Pet Hospital after the pooch managed to get stoned on marijuana.

Carter happens to be the hard-partying pup of a substance using owner. As CBC reports, the dog’s “records documented a taste for cocaine, methamphetamine and even oxycodone.”

The SPCA intervened, and took Carter out of his Yaletown condo. They say the dog’s owner is “turning her life around.”

Marijuana affects dogs differently, similarly to the range of effects experienced by humans. Dogs may be exposed to pot in various forms, for example they can experience second-hand smoke, or their owners may blow the smoke into their faces. Others may ingest the buds, or edibles made with marijuana.

Reactions in canines will vary based on size and weight, according to experts. Many will simply be calm and get the munchies, but others may become highly energized and show signs of distress.

A major concern when it comes to pets and pot, or other drugs, is that owners are reluctant to tell vets what may be wrong with their animal.

Drugged doggies are actually common in the province. “B.C. ranks No. 1 in North America for the most pet insurance claims relating to marijuana toxicity,” according to data issued earlier this year from pet insurance provider Trupanion, reports Metro News.

Featured image: A Pomeranian dog/Shutterstock

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