Does Vancouver Need the Love Police?

Dec 19 2017, 4:36 am

What do headphones, sunglasses, and texting have in common? It’s back to school week and transit is going to be loaded full of people using these three things. Walk downtown and you may have to jump out of the way for someone who isn’t looking up from their smartphone. Or you may try to ask someone for directions only to realize they’re wearing headphones. And good luck making eye contact with someone wearing sunglasses on the SkyTrain.

Responsibly, I asked people of different ages the same question: is texting and listening to your iPod in public anti-social? The majority overwhelmingly responded responded “yes” but added that “it is still a personal choice”. All agreed that it is an increasing trend. But what are we missing by tuning ourselves out?
Leon from Burnaby says the headphone behaviour “disconnects us from our surroundings”. You ever want to meet someone new or ask for directions? How about inviting people for a game of pick-up soccer? I say let’s choose to ignore our “things” on transit this winter and start getting friendly. Besides, what are you going to do if you see a model featured here on the Buzz? Take off those headphones and ask her out of course.

Check out this video from the Love Police getting friendly on the subway:

(Photo credit: [email protected])

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