Highly-anticipated pop-up dome dinner FINALLY reveals Vancouver dates

Dec 4 2019, 7:12 pm

Back in May, we told you that awesome dining experience Dinner With A View was FINALLY coming to Vancouver, and now, we have some more exclusive details to share.

Described as “part pop-up restaurant, part oasis” Dinner With A View Vancouver is launching on January 15, and it will be running until February 16, 2020, at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver.

These events have landed in Toronto and Montreal previously, so it’s about time Vancouver gets its chance to attend the exclusive dining shindig.

This experience starts when guests enter their assigned a dome that’s been transformed into a terrarium with a distinct terrain.

Whatever region your dome happens to be (tundra, tropical, grasslands, etc), you’ll be cozy in one of 20 heated, clear, frameless geodesic structures. Each dome seats a minimum of four and a maximum of six people.

Dinner With A View Vancouver

Courtesy Dinner With A View

Inside guests will find luxurious pillows, blankets, and decor as they enjoy a three-course meal prepared by a celebrity chef.

Diners can choose between blind menus, which will accommodate several different dietary restrictions including meals that can be made meat, fish, and vegan-centric.

Dinner With A View Vancouver

Courtesy Dinner With A View

Ticket sales will open to the public on December 9 at 7 am. Dome reservations are $199.99 per dome, and each dinner is $109.99 per person.

Dinner With A View Vancouver

Courtesy Dinner With A View

Dinner With A View – Vancouver

When: January 15 to February 16, 2020
Where: Ambleside Beach, West Vancouver
Price: $199.99 for dome reservations and $109.99 per dinner per person; tickets go on sale December 9 at 7 am when you can buy them online

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