Developments around town

Dec 19 2017, 11:38 am

Here is a list of all the construction and proposals that are going down in and around metro Vancouver. I’ll post pics soon when I’m not feeling lazy.
Shangri-La hotel and residences (U/C)
The Ritz-Carlton (U/C)
Vancouver Expansion and Exhibition centre expansion (u/c and way over budget)
Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel (u/c)
Woodwords district (U/C)
The Erickson (U/C)
West Pender Place (U/C)
The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia (u/c)
Jameson House (u/c)
Two Harbour Green (u/c)
The Ritz (u/c) not to be confused with the Ritz Carlton
The Beasley (u/c)
Espana (u/c)
The Flatiron (u/c)
Capitol Residences (u/c)
Coast Coal Harbour Hotel (u/c)
Patina (u/c)
CBC and TV towers (u/c)
South East False Creek, Phase 1 Olympic Village (u/c)
Bentall 6 office tower (proposal)
East Fraserlands (approved) picture SEFC but in south Van
Stella (u/c)
The block (u/c)
There’s many more so if I forget to mention some than too bad for you. If you want info on other projects just ask. If I feel like it I may respond.

Olympic Oval (u/c)
Aberdeen Centre Expansion (u/c)
Prado (u/c)
River Rock Casino Expansion (u/c)

Metrotower 3 (office building) (u/c) how is it that Burnaby manages to get an office building approved and Van can’t, if you ask me The city planners need to start fucking getting big business back to Vancouver
Jewel (u/c)
Silhouette (u/c)
Esprit (u/c)

New Westminister
Plaza 88/ 33, 35 and 37 floors (u/c)

Lets see last I heard from my sources there was another cul de sac being built in Cloverdale and Fraser heights. Looks like those G-unit (I guess they don’t know that “fiddy” sucks) wearing fools will be moving more trailer park trash out to Langley, so they can place more McMansions in that sprawling heap.
Another cul de sac is under review by the city for South Surrey.

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