Detroit is Dead

Dec 19 2017, 11:43 am

The impact of a bankruptcy of one of the big 3 auto makers in North American will be devastating to say the least. It is not a question of if, but when? Ford, GM will probably be bankrupt by the end of this year and thus finishing off the economy of Detroit, which is hanging by a thread. Windsor, you are dead as well.
The question is should the government bail out the automakers? Absolutely fucking not! Why, because they make cars that no one wants. Sure you have idiots out there like Money J Skeets who insist on driving a Hummer. Mind you these are the same people that then have the nerve to complain about the pain at the gas pumps. Egregious. If you bail them out, then the restaurant industry and retail industry will follow.Simply put they do not have a business model that works. No one wants their bullshit cars at the price that they are offering them to us. For the same price I can get a more fuel efficient Import. I mean they’ve only had 20 some odd years to make a decent car. Let them die.

Now of course there is all this chatter of an “industrial crisis”, fuck it. I say that if any business pegs itself to GM and Ford, they deserve to go to. Anyways, I’m sure Toyota and Honda will fill the void.

Make no mistake about the blow to the industrial waste…err heartland of our country known as Central Canada. Layoffs will be abound, signaling the start of a vicious cycle as individuals bank accounts dwindle to Sean Orr levels.

In other news house prices in Detroit have fallen to a $25,000 in some neighbourhoods. In Vancouver that amount of money would provide a place for your garbage bin.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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