Design 101: How to achieve the perfect Feng Shui interior

Jul 11 2018, 12:17 pm

Does summer have you feeling relaxed? Why not extend those chill vibes into your home. Let us help you with some basic feng shui you can do right now.

Feng shui is based on the simple principle that your living space reflects your life. It is all about balance. The three main energy centres of a good feng shui house are the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom because they are so deeply connected to your health.


Minimalist Desk / Fung Shui Nexus 

Minimalist Desk / Feng Shui Nexus

Clear your space of all items that you don’t love. Most of us tend to hold onto things for all of the wrong reasons. Why not detox your space? Trust us, a cleanse is just as beneficial for your home as it is for your body. Make sure to remove anything that you associate with bad times, hand-me-downs that you really don’t like, and overall general clutter of items that are not serving you anymore. Don’t feel guilty and trust your intuition. It’s all about the good vibes, people!

Once you lose all of the baggage, the magic will happen. Suddenly, you will have breathing space to admire those items that you love and possibly introduce a few new items that support your well-being and happiness. Try it, we promise you will instantly feel lighter!

Stay fresh & keep it light

Lougheed Highway / Form Collective

Lougheed Highway / Form Collective

Spoiled by the clean air of the Great North? Of course! The catch is, we do not always have that same air quality inside. Spaces that have minimal windows are the most difficult to maintain air quality in. Simple purchases can make a huge difference. Try investing in a good air purifier or air purifying plant. This fun, crinkly looking plant is one of our favourites!

After air quality, the second most important element is natural light. Allow the light to come in. Open your window treatments even if you have nosey neighbours! The light helps keep the space bright and airy and sets the mood. It’s all about clearing your head.


MoMo Productions / The Spruce

MoMo Productions / The Spruce

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As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the most important element in establishing the energy of your space. To achieve that positive energy, avoid cluttering the kitchen countertops with appliances and other gadgets and keep the kitchen organized in a way that makes it very easy to use. Flow is the key element in design.

Add life and inspiration to the space. Placing a bouquet of fresh flowers, bowl of colourful fruit, or a potted plant strategically in the kitchen is never a bad idea. Make sure to provide a variety of lighting options, a very common theme in feng shui.  The kitchen should be bright, welcoming, and bursting of good energy vibes.


Nothing says zen like a spa setting in your own home. As one of the three most important spaces to achieve good feng shui, it sure seems like bathrooms get forgotten. Let’s change that! Visually, the space should bring you pleasure. Make sure that the mirrors and art that you select bring good energy to the space; you should feel happy when looking at them. Have many options for lighting – this should definitely include candles!

Speaking of candles, scents are also essential for a spa-like bathroom; choose oils and candles that are made from 100% natural ingredients and promote rejuvenation. And now that all of that has been considered, make sure that the ventilation is efficient and clean – if its old and noisy seriously consider replacing it.

Sleep tight

Bedroom / Know Feng Shui 

Bedroom / Know Feng Shui

While it’s so important, many of us do not get enough quality sleep. There are a few key elements that will help you to achieve good feng shui in your bedroom to help you get that valuable shuteye.

Pay special attention to the placement of your bed and overall colour selection of the space. Place your bed in a location where you can see the door when laying in bed, but never place your bed directly facing the door. Although we don’t always have the option, try your best to avoid placing your bed below the window and even more so, skip the mirror in the bedroom if at all possible. Keep the colour palette zen, too. Focus on selecting soothing, soft colours that invoke a sense of calm when you look at them. It is also recommended that no TVs, computers or work-related items be in the same room as you sleep.

Feeling a little more zen already?

This is just a brief beginners’ look into the world of feng shui. Take a deep breath and go get started!